Sunday, December 17, 2017

Will alcohol perish?

Alcohol is one of the oldest substances the human invented. It has been loved by many many people through every generation.

However, it also brings harms to people. Alcohol toxication can lead humans to death. Moreover, alcohol has a biochemical dependency. Many people are suffering from alcohol use disorders.

Therefore, some people consider that alcohol should be regulated. Historically, alcohol has been exposed to serious taxation. In the US, alcohol producing and offering has been legally prohibited in the early 20th century. But, it resulted in a miserable failure.

Now, David Nutt, a former government drugs adviser in the UK, expects alcohol use will be minimized, or even perished within the next a few decades. He suggests "alcosynth" will replace alcohol completely as a healthy alternative to alcohol.

International Business Times: 'Western societies will give up alcohol,' says top drugs scientist

The idea of David Nutt seems optimistic as well as aggressive, in my opinion. First, the figure of alcosynth is unclear. Second, it is unlikely that an alternative will completely the conventional one. The rise of e-cigarette has changed the behavior of some tobacco lovers. But there are still many tobaccos consumed. Third, the pleasure of alcohol drinking is inevitably connected with its dependency.

Nonetheless, I agree with Nutt's opinion partially. Alcohol consumption is gradually decreasing year by year. I hope many alternatives will be invented.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Amphetamine-laced cake case

In New Zealand, a man who gave amphetamine to his colleagues was arrested. But the way was strange.

International Business Times: Man 'hospitalises colleagues with amphetamine-laced cake at Christmas party'

According to the article above, the criminal secretly contaminated the cake served at a Christmas party with amphetamine. As a result, a total of eight persons had to be hospitalized for the antidote.

The man is said to have been cultivating cannabis. It seems that the man had been heavily indulged in illegal drugs.

In the comedy film "The Hangover," a person secretly takes illegal drugs into the alcohol which were drunken by him and his friends. It leads to great confusion on them. But, in reality, such an act may cause critical accidents.

Friday, December 15, 2017

XBox One S has come

After my PlayStation3 was crippled, I decided to buy a new Blue-ray player.

My past entry: The end of my PlayStation3

I considered buying one which can play Ultra high definition Blue-ray discs. Unfortunately, PlayStation4 Pro is not suitable for this purpose despite it supports 4K games.

Therefore, I chose XBox One S. Just at the Cyber Monday sale at, I got it for only 20,000 JPY.

Now, I am watching X-Men: Apocalypse, with 4K resolution. It is splendid.

To be honest, XBox One is not the best gear to play Ultra high definition Blue-ray discs. But, other players are more expensive. I am satisfied.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Women's seat is legalized in Columbia

Columbia legally introduced the women's seat on the city buses.

International Business Times: Colombia is introducing women-only sections on buses to stop men sexually harassing them

It was established through the vote in the Council of Bogota. Bogota is infamously said to be the city in which women are threatened most frequently to groping and other sexual harassment in public transportation.

There are some disputes regarding this issue, not surprisingly. Some politicians voted against the decision as it would be discriminatory against men.

Also in Japan, there are affirmations for women in public transportation. Some cars in the train are used exclusively for women during rush hour. But it is merely a railway company's policy. Passengers have no duty to obey it.

I am not supporting women's exclusive seats. It will not fix the original issue. Also, men are often victimized as well. However, in a realistic point of view, protection of women should be addressed with a concrete solution. I hope the community will not need women's seats.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Considering buying a GalaxyS8

I am considering renewing my smartphone. The current one is Google Nexus 5, released some years ago. It is still well working. But its battery is expiring. And also, the connection range of the service provider I have a contract is not so good. Therefore, I am planning to change the provider as well as buying a new smartphone.

The first candidate is Samsung's Galaxy S8. It looks a splendid one. The spec and the figure are amazing.

I have been an Android user for several years. I have not considered possessing an iPhone but rare excepting moments.

My past entry: A case of failing to get an iPhone

In addition, some say Galaxy S8 is far better than iPhoneX.

International Business Times: Five reasons the iPhone X is already years behind the Samsung Galaxy

According to the article above, there are some advantages in Galaxy S8 compared to iPhoneX. I agree the author's claim to some extent. Samsung has excellent technique and rich experience in utilizing organic EL display. Limited in just recent years, Apple has released inferior products than Samsung, I think.

Samsung adopted "follower strategy" to catch up Apple. It seems successful. They are competing for each other, including legal battles. I hope creative competition will make more attractive products in the future.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The end of my PlayStation3

Tragic event repeats itself.

Very recently, I tried to play Legion, a TV series describing a son of Professor X from X-Men series, on PlayStation3. However, it did not work. The DVD never began to play.

Furthermore, the disc was not ejected when I touched the button. I tried it several times. But there was a noise which suggested that the disc is rotating in the machine.

As following the instruction of the trouble shooting page, I rebooted the PlayStation3. And I touched the eject button for several seconds. But it was in vain.

Finally, I got the disc ejected from the machine. I do not know how I could do. I decided never to insert any disc into my PlayStation3.

Recently, I had utilized my PlayStation3 only as a Blue Ray Disc player. I have some 3D movie discs. And I enjoyed watching the 3D movies on my TV. But, the last usage of my PlayStation3 was perished.

Just watching the Cyber Monday Sale on, I decided to purchase an XBOX One S for a Blue Ray Disc player. It will be also working to play 4K BDs.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dignity death legalized in South Korea

South Korean government is planning to enforce the legislation of dignity death. And it will meet the need of critically ill patients there.

National Assembly passed the law for terminating treatment to prolong their lives against patient's will. It will come into force until the next February. According to the enactment of the law, hospitals received many requests for dignity death program from patients in a terminal stage. More than 3,000 people seem to have applied for the program.

Independent: More than 3,000 sign up to die in South Korean palliative care trial

Confucianism is traditional thoughts in South Korea. There is no dominant religious ideology to prohibit suicide. And as same as Japan, Korea is suffering from the high suicide rate. Therefore, dignity death will be relatively well accepted in the Korean society, in my opinion.

It should be avoided that physicians who had aided patient's will for dignity death are sued afterward. In Japan, premature legislation caused some legal troubles in this issue. It has led the delay of the establishment of dignity death scheme. I hope Korean people will make a choice based on their sincere thoughts regarding the end of the life and physicians will properly support them.