Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stonehenge was a place of feast

Have you visited Stonehenge in Britain? I have once. It was a huge and mysterious field.

What kind of the site it is and why such strange objects were built remain uncertain even now. Researchers claim several hypotheses. According to the newest study, Stonehenge was a field of a feast. People ate animals and made cheese and yogurt from milk there.

Independent: Stonehenge was the site of huge feasts with animals driven down from Scotland to eat, researchers find

This hypothesis seems rational considering the uniqueness of the arranged stones. I hardly imagine ancient people spent ordinary days there.

In Europe, there are many ruins kept intact. Also in Japan, we can see several historic buildings. But most of them were made from woods. Therefore, they are at risk of burn, decaying, and corruption. In the WWII, several valuable buildings were destroyed because of bombing by the US air-force. I am a little jealous to European stone-made culture in the ancient era.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Is it possible for Catalonia to become independent?

Catalonia is on fire between independence and enslavement.

Spain government declared to enforce the article 155 of the constitution responding the commitment of the independence of Catalonia. This article describes direct ruling with cancelling the autonomy of prefecture.

The Guardian: Spain to impose direct rule on Catalonia as deadline passes

On the other hand, Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan President, made vague comments about this issue. He said that Catalonia had not officially declared the independence, but the process will start if Spanish government remains hostile.

Puigdemont seems to intend to make the Spanish government seat the table of negotiation. If so, the situation will not change so rapidly. Both the Spanish government and Catalonian parliament want the moratorium to propose a rational condition to fix this issue. In my guess, Catalonia will abandon the complete independence this time instead of some advantages given from the government.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Pound coin is no more valid

On Oct. 15, old-type one pound coins were officially expired in the UK.

Mirror: When does the old £1 coin expire? Brits only have hours left to cash in round Pounds before they become void

The old one pound coin has been very familiar to me, and maybe to all Britains. It was introduced in 1983. The gold shape was solid and attractive.

However, it was said that many fake coins were spread in the market. Fortunately, I have not seen artificial ones when I was in London. But it was possible that I used ones unconciously.

Therefore, the government has replaced the old coins to newly developed ones. The new one pound coin is not round. It has twelve angles and silver, covered by a gold edge, similar to the current two-pound coin.

Now, banks and stores no more deal the old coins. If you have a cash account in some popular banks such as Lloyds, you have a chance to exchange them there.

Also in Japan, old 500 JPY coins were expelled suddenly in 2000 because of a rapid increase of fabricated coins. In recent years, Japan has no need to replace coins, fortunately.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

IS' capital fallen

Raqqa, a Syrian city where Islamic State had claimed as its capital, was liberalized.

The Independent: Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces

It occurred on Oct. 17th, 2017. The US-backed armies completely took the control of Raqqa, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights declared the triumph. Raqqa had been conquered by IS since 2014. IS had identified there as its capital, although no nations had approved it.

Thousands of people have been killed in the series of battle there. A third of the victims were said to be citizens.

Now, the troop of SOHR is investigating whether terrorists and landmines remain there. After the investigation, the city will be normalized.

However, this event does not mean the extinction of IS at all. To begin with, IS is not identified as a nation by other than the members of IS. Thus, the capital of IS does not exist. There is no rule of terminating this conflict. In addition, members of IS will continue conducting terror attacks as same as previously, I guess, unfortunately.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kobe Steel scandal

Kobe Steel, a famous company providing metal materials in Japan, was revealed to have been fabricating the data regarding the strength of its products. Not only aluminum and cupper but also steel was subjected to the doubt of fabrication.

Kobe Steel is the third biggest company in the industry in Japan. Its products are used to many significant buildings and tools such as Shinkansen super-express.

SPH Website: Kobe Steel scandal hurts Japan's reputation

The reason why Kobe Steel has permitted such a trick for a decade remains uncertain. Some people believe there is a significant flaw in Japanese management style in the industry beneath the incident. I do not think so because there are similar cases in foreign countries such as Volkswagen.

It is fortunate that disgusted materials are hardly used as it is. For example, cars and train bodies passed several tests for strength and tolerance before utilization. Even if the standard strength is not guaranteed in some materials, the result of the final test can be trusted. I believe this case would not lead to any actual accidents.

The prevention of recidivism is necessary. At the same time, too much blaming at relevant employees would help others to conceal similar injustice. Japanese tend to criticize people confessed dishonesty too much. It is that rather I am afraid.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Life expectancy to 150 years

How long can we alive? The opinion of scientists is various.

There is a hypothesis life expectancy may be prolonged to 150 years old committed at Jinhai Lake World Anti-aging Summit.

CGTN: Human's life expectancy can reach 150, say experts

There are some points to determine the life expectancy. Medical treatment can save your life from several deadly diseases. Proper diet and exercise are also important to keep your body and mind healthy. However, They do not mean you can avoid from aging.

On the other hand, anti-aging technology is developing. Although few things are described in the article above, some researchers seriously believe that artificial gene mutation can rejuvenate your body.

Lynda Gratton, a leading theorist of work style, said in the article that you would continue working till 80-year-old if life expectancy is prolonged. I am opposed to this idea. You need not work because of the rise of robots then. Instead, you have to find joyful habits much more to kill time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Father's diet influence infant' health?

A recent study claims that the content of father's diet influence on his child's health.

Daily Mail: You are what your DAD eats: Study shows father's diet before conception has huge impact on a child's health

According to the article above, researchers conducted a series of experiments with fruit flies. They fed the subjects with high protein and low carbs or the contrary. The result showed offspring from the father with high carbs were less like to survive.

Fruit flies share 60% of genes with humans. Therefore, the researchers seem to consider this outcome can apply to humans.

NZ Herald: Study shows father's diet before conception plays major role in a child's health

The whole component of the study seems not have been published in an academic journal. I guess there will be considerable controversies before this study is approved as valid.

In recent, the influence of father's health on the baby is often focused. To be honest, I am doubtful to this result itself. Anyway, this theme is interesting.