Saturday, November 17, 2012

Amenity in convenience store in Japan

Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. A lady can walk around downtown without anxiety at midnight in few country.

Both one of the reason and result of safety is “convenience store” in Japan. In Japan there are many franchise store everywhere, even in rural area. Convenience store sells many kinds of commodity such as food, drinks, magazines, stationery, detergents, underwear, and so on. In convenience store we can use cash dispenser of banks or copy machine. And we can also pay the electricity bill, ask for send a baggage, or other requests. Moreover most convenience stores are available 24 hours.

Now not a few people use convenience store as second refrigerator, salon, or office.

Convenience store is a result of standard of demand for high quality service of Japanese people, I think.

Recently many convenience stores started advertising some character goods related movies or animations.

This is “Relakkuma.” It is a coined word from “relax” and “kuma (bear),” a famous character in Japan.

This is “Puella Magi, Madoka Magica.” It is from Japanese newly animation movie.

We can see something new every day in a convenience store. It’s a real fantasy.

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  1. At least in Europe, it is difficult to find 24-hrs-open-store. Very few stops open all the day... It depends on the law and cuture of the country which they are placed in.
    But those pretty goods are funny!! I thnik European seven-eleven store can improve themselves in this aspect.