Sunday, November 4, 2012

Legal battle of Apple and Samsung

Apple has replaced their comments about the trial with Samsung on Apple UK website.
(Comments on Apple UK website)

Apple insisted that some products of Samsung had invaded some copyrights. So Apple sued Samsung and two great companies fought each other.

As far as I know, the winner of the legal battle is Apple. Samsung had to pay a great amount of money for Apple as compensation.
However some courts such as in Japan or Korea declined Apple’s claim.

And English court also decided that Samsung had not imitated Apple’s design. Furthermore, the court ordered Apple to make a notification about the court decision on the web site.

But Apple had a tricky response. The comment appeared on the website was far from loser’s one. Even if Apple referred the comment by one of the judges, said  “Products by Samsung are not so cool as Apple’s.”

Apple made the court angry. The English court blamed Apple’s behavior as a violation of the court order, and re-ordered Apple to replace the comments on the website.
At last Apple surrendered and announced the simple comment above.

I think personally that Samsung copied Apple’s products sometimes. But it is no good to prohibit any copies at all. Many innovations can be born from imitation.

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