Saturday, November 3, 2012

Softbank's Challenge

Mr. Son Masayoshi, the CEO of Softbank declared the intention to buy up Sprint, a mobile phone company in the US.
His challenge to purchase the third largest company of mobile phone in the US may be considered to a dangerous gamble by marketers.

(Today's article on The Telegraph, English)

Mr. Son Masayoshi is naturalized Japanese. He spent his childhood in poverty, but had excellent talent and made a great effort. Now he is a billionaire and is also called as “Bill Gates in Japan.” He donated 10 billion yen ($125M) from his own estate in the stricken area by 3.11 earthquake and Tsunami disaster in 2011. Some Japanese dislike him, but I think he is a magnificent man.

I have no idea whether his challenge will succeed or not. Mr. Tetsuya Isozaki, a Japanese analyst told in his e-mail media that Softbank had some advantage. First, financial status of Sprint is getting better. Second, the contract promised that Sprint would pay a large amount of penalty fee for Softbank when the purchase was failed for the reason of the fault by Sprint.

(Isologue, Mr. Tetsuya Isozaki's site, Japanese)

Softbank has announced the acquisition of E-Access, a Japanese company of mobile phone and data communication just recently. And I had cancelled my account of E-access before a few days. I have no eyes of foreseeing at all.

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