Monday, November 19, 2012

Three elements of spirituality

Today, I play a word puzzle.

In traditional Japan, “Shin-Zen-Bi” are three elements to be pursued as a human.
“Shin” means truth, a concept belong to logic, opposite to false.
“Zen” means good, a concept belong to ethics, opposite to evil.
And “Bi” means beauty, a concept belong to aesthetics, opposite to ugliness.

We always pursue the three goals in our daily life. But they are often conflicted one another. For example, telling the truth to other people sometimes hurts the listener. It is no good.

Then what do we call the mixture of two concepts of the three elements?

Mixture of truth and good is “Soundness.” Sound argument lead people to the correct answer. And it has based on justice. However sound remarks usually lack fun. It is sometimes denied emotionally because soundness is not always beautiful.

Mixture of truth and beauty is “Harmony.” Harmony is made from a correct melody and rhythm. Harmony is also attractive. However, too strong harmony creates a pressure to yield to the opinion of the majority. It is not good for an individual.

Mixture of good and beauty is “Virtue.” Virtue is a way of life for a citizen. Man of virtue is loved by everyone because of its goodness. And the virtue of modesty is beautiful. But it is not always true. Man of virtue is so humble that he sometimes disguises himself.

Yes, each cell is explained.
It is the last problem. What do you think about the center of Venn diagram? It may be the ultimate goal of human spirituality. Unfortunately I don’t know.

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