Saturday, December 1, 2012

Time revolution

There are 3 major revolutions in the history of humankind.

The first is agricultural revolution. About 12,000 years ago our ancestors began to make plants to eat them, instead of hunting. It made possible for a lot of people to survive without hunger.
The second is industrial revolution from 1750 to 1850. People invented many innovative tools with steam power. They also created the rule of the law, transportation systems, and capitalism. The modern civilization has developed in this era.
And the third revolution is information revolution that is now going on. We can use telegraph, fax, mobile phone, and internet. I can write this entry and publish it for all over the world via Google!

So what is the next revolution?

It is very difficult to predict. I have only vague image in it.
I think it is the TIME.

Time shifting is already common. Border of nation is lowered. The world is narrowing. In several jobs adapted age become extremely younger. Early retirement has been a trend in new-riches. But human lifespan is expanding. What do you do in the end stage of life?

In the next era, definition of time will be changed.
Common sense in elder people is no longer useful. The world is going to asymmetric. Each persons are to live their own lives alone. Value of the time will be various. Perhaps eternal life or reincarnation would be available.

Everything is changing.
Besides, what is the thing not to be changed?

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