Monday, January 28, 2013

Fearful terrorism in Algeria

I have to say something about terrorism in Algeria. But it is so painful that I hesitate to mention it.

Natural gas plant in In Aménas was attacked and many workers were captured. Finally national army carried out the mission to sweep the terrorists. More than twenty workers including 10 Japanese workers were sacrificed.

This tragedy has a lot of point of view.
Terrorism is one of terror in 21st century. Most people thought that the future would be bright when cold war ended. However, wars continue, getting more severe and asymmetric. Suicide attack in 9.11 brought extreme fear to Americans. We are not bystanders but victims in future.

In Japan terrorism is very rare. Some massacres occurred in 21st century such as Akihabara case and Fuzoku Ikeda elementary school case. But they are crimes by individual. Tokyo Sarin gas attack by Aum Shinrikyo is memorized as the worst terrorism in modern Japan. It is said that up to 30 persons are killed by Aum.

Nonetheless Japan is far from war.
We are not concern about crime in daily life in Japan. Japan is the safest country in the world, I believe and proud. So, Algeria case is too much fearful for me.
The world is not safe. I tend to forget this fact. It is both dreadful and fortunate.

Gas plant is an essential matter for Japan. Japan has poor energy resource. Atomic power plants are not working since the Fukushima Daiichi Plant was crippled in 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. Industry in Japan ultimately depends on import of natural gas. If resource companies retreat from foreign countries influenced by the case, Japan will starve for energy.

Attitude toward report in mass media about this are also problematic. I think that mass media in Japan has too much emphasis on Japanese victims. Indeed safety of compatriots is very important matter. But it is not all. Background of the case has to be revealed by cooperation of the government and civil reporters.

Pray for the victims. I truly wish for peace.


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