Monday, January 14, 2013

Heavy snow

Today Tokyo was attacked by snowstorm.

In Japan, snow is not common, except in some region. In Tokyo or southern area it seldom snows.
So several problems occur when it snows. They are not ready for heavy snow. Moreover, it snows astonishing today! From the news report, blackout had occurred in about 30,000 houses. Broad blackout is quite rare in Japan. Season's first snow hits Tokyo, paralyses traffic

I stayed all day at home today with warming the room up, because today is a national holiday, called “Adults’ Day”.

Today, persons who reached to 20 years old are celebrated. Most prefectural offices held receptions for them. I am sorry to guess that a lot of participants are confused by traffic difficulties.

Weather is too strong to be controlled by human, even in 21st century.
I recommend that you avoid some activities in such bad weather. Be careful!


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  1. I think that is "coming-of-age ceremony", in this case,


    In Japan, it have been celebrated in Japan since at least 714 AD! Wow!