Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hell of Beppu (1)

I saw the hell last weekend.

Oh, I did not die! “Hell” is another name of hot spring.
You know Japan is spa rich country. Oita prefecture is one of most blessed land by geothermal energy in Japan. Beppu is a famous region as hot spring in Oita.

Hell is commonly named for very hot spring. The temperature of hell is so high that you cannot bathe in hell. Instead, hells in Beppu are very beautiful!

Hell of Beppu consists of eight famous hot springs as below;

“Tatsumaki Jigoku (Hell of Tornado)”

This is a geyser. Very hot water springs out every half hour due to high pressure in the ground. The temperature of the water is over one hundred degrees Celsius. Quite horrible!

“Chinoike Jigoku (Hell of blood pond)”

What a hell! Red water forms a pond. The color is made from iron oxide.

“Oni Ishi Bozu Jigoku (Hell of Demon Stone Priest)”

Gray colored boiling water forms round shape. It resembles bold head of priest.

“Umi Jigoku (Hell of Ocean)”

Large pond filled with bright blue fascinated me. Iron sulfuric acid makes this blue color. I think this is the largest pond in Hell of Beppu.

(To be continued.)

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