Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hell of Beppu (2)


Walking through Hell is continued.

“Yma Jigoku (Hell of Mountain)”

Very hot steam is rising, look like a top of volcano.

“Kamado Jigoku (Hell of Stove)”

This hell differs from other ones. There are several ponds here, of which colors vary one another. Very strange and fantastic.

“Oniyama Jigoku (Hell of Devil Mountain)”

This pond itself is rather normal. But beside the pond a horde of crocodiles live. So this area is also called Hell of Crocodiles.

“Shiraike Jigoku (Hell of White Pond)”

This is also beautiful place. Hot water sometimes changes its color for unknown reason.

Which is your favorite?
I like Kamado the best.

Actually, each hell is possessed by a certain person. Administrators always maintain the hells for guests. When you enter the hells you should buy a ticket.

There are some cages keeping animals in this area.
I saw cute flamingos, a huge elephant, and a shy hippopotamus, and so on. I also saw some tropical fish.

Beppu is a rural area. Other than Jigoku you hardly have to see. Nevertheless it is valuable to see once!

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