Monday, January 7, 2013

Pulau Bali, The island of Gods (1)

I visited Bali, in Indonesia.
Bali is a tropical island, famous among Japanese as a tourist spot ranked with Hawaii.
I went into Bali through Jakarta.

I stayed Jakarta during only a few hours. Jakarta international airport and the area around there are beautiful.

Most citizens in Bali are Bali-Hindi. They put “chanang” in front of their home every morning. I saw one quite frequently.

I watched “Barong Dance” at a stage in a temple. Barong is the good God of Bali, against Rangda, the evil witch. I heard that Barong Dance expresses the battle of Barong and Rangda. But what I saw there was like a comedy. Maybe some arrangement was added. Audiences were smiling continuously.

I went to Monkey Forest in Ubud. Two hundreds of wild monkeys live there. They were accustomed to human.

Some monkeys even used a part of PET bottle as a cup handily. The planet of the apes is not so far away?

(To be continued.)


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