Saturday, January 12, 2013

Problem of physical punishment

Recently, discussion about suicide case of a high school boy in Osaka rose in Japan.
(Mainichi JP)

The victim was the captain of a basketball club in the high school he belonged to. He was physically punished by a teacher as usual. He was suffering from violence to kill himself at last, the report says. The high school and the teacher admitted their fault and apologized to the family of the boy.

In Japan, it is said that violence is common in some particular society,such as sport teams. Mr. Masumi Kuwata, a past professional baseball player said that he was physically punished frequently in his childhood.
(NHK NEWS web: in Japanese)

Some parents tend to hit their children as a method of education. It is obviously inappropriate. However they usually think that physical punishment is the only treatment for a defiant child. It is common way of thinking for person using violence.

Violence is not acceptable absolutely. But it is not effective to regulate violence strictly for reducing victims of violence. Generally, victims have no choice than be patient for violence, because of their lack of power, insight, and helplessness. Moreover, the offenders may think that they have no choice other than violence to achieve their aim. For example, if there is one bad guy in a team, and he agitates his colleagues, the teacher would have to gain control upon the guy quickly. Patient explanation and persuasion with the guy to get his trust will be recommended. But it needs long time, high skill of coaching, and tolerance. So the teacher would choose more direct solution, violence.

The essential problem is that the offenders have no room for alternatives. I think that If simply offenders are severely punished, the problem will be deepened.


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