Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The secondary first speech of Mr. Shinzo Abe

Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan did his first major policy speech in Jan. 28th 2013. I read the whole content at a news site later.
My impression is that he kept very cautious.

Mr. Abe at first mentioned the terrorism in Algeria. He expressed sadness for the victims, and blamed terrorists. It is ordinary beginning of speech.

Next, he referred to his health status and past retirement of himself. Indeed he resigned the Prime Minister 6 years ago. So he was stigmatized as a loser by opposed politicians. Mr. Abe accepted the past failure and made an oath to administer Japan again. This part of his speech sounded sincere.

He said that he had ordered all of ministers to deal with economic recovery, recover from disaster, and crisis management with their best effort.

And he commented about economic crisis of Japan. He pointed out that deflation and strong Yen were obstacles for Japan to recover. He said he had dealt with this matter already. It is generally called “Abenomics”. This part is complicated and includes many points of view to be discussed.

Mr. Abe did not mentioned electric power policy nor consumption tax, which were seriously argued in last diet. I guess he did not want to talk about these discordant matters in his first speech. It is sorry about this.

At last he said that he hoped to make Japan as the best country all over the world. In this section he encouraged the people strongly.

Mr. Shinzo Abe is well known as an aggressive politician with conservative policy in Japan. He wants to reform the constitution and educational system in Japan. However he did not refer to these themes.
He had a bitter memory of past work. His past motto “Beautiful country Japan” was criticized as too abstract. Perhaps he suppresses his own opinion for a while to control ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan completely.

I do not support LDP. However I hope that Mr. Shinzo Abe will make success.

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