Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is problem solving? (4)

What is problem solving? (1) 
What is problem solving? (2) 
What is problem solving? (3) 

Now this is the final chapter of problem solving.
There are a lot of problem solvers all over the world.
However, as far as I understand, they do not try to solve problems.
Instead, they adapt other solutions. You can mimic their skills to be a more effective person.

Level 1: Solve the problem
This is the last resort. You should seek any other alternatives.

Level 2: Distinguish problems
Is this a problem you can solve or not?
When this is a solvable problem, who is the best solver? Can you ask the person to struggle for you?

Level 3: Redefine the problem
You may suffer from vague matter. The essence of the problem, your goal and outcome of solution should be clarified. The problem can vanish when the true problem is redefined or “reformed”. You should remake the problem instead of seeking the answer.

Level 4: Do not let the problem occur
True solvers do not let the problem free. Prevention is better than intervention. In this situation they are unconscious to be solvers. It is so cool!

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