Monday, March 11, 2013

English Madoka Magica

I am now watching “Puella-Magi Madoka Magica”.

About this marvelous animation I need not explain. If you have not watched, I strongly recommend it.

Last year I bought a series of blue ray discs at Taiwan with very low price. And now, I bought the DVD set in English version. sells imported one in Japan. Amazingly, this one is far cheaper than the Japanese version. You can select Japanese voice also in English DVDs.

The reason I bought another one is to learn English with these DVDs.

In general, English voice actors are not suitable for Japanese animation, I think.
Japanese girls look like younger. And in Japanese animation, they are as if little girls. English language spoken by English adult actress sounds too matured.
But voices in Madoka Magica are quite fitted to the figure of heroines.

English spoken in this story is easy to listen. Grammar is not so difficult. Pronunciation is very clear. I know the storyline, so I can understand the conversation of the personalities.
I am very satisfied with English Madoka. I recommend this for animation lovers to learn English.

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