Saturday, March 9, 2013

My dream, better than past

Everyone has a dream. I am not an exception. However, my one is not similar to others.

Become a professor, become a president, become a millionaire, become a hopeful bride, and so on. These are reasonable and ambitious dreams. But, I imagine their afterward.

My dream is to be better than yesterday.

To accomplish my dream, I must develop myself every day. I have to overcome a problem with which I could not deal with the past. And a big obstacle in front of me is to be defeated in the future.

If tomorrow is better than today, I can alive with hope.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to believe in the future. My power of the body is decreasing after my 20s. Mental energy will be exhausted in the near future. I will have to compensate lost potential for something other, which may be experienced, personality, or spirit.

Any human lose a lot of things in their life, especially in later life stage.
I hope I will believe in myself even at the moment of death. It is my ambition.

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