Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Roomba has come

Yesterday, Roomba was delivered to my home.

Roomba® is vacuum cleaning robot produced by iRobot Inc. It runs across rooms automatically to sweep floor with brushes attached and absorb dusts into their box.

Website of iRobot Inc.

I charged the battery of Roomba yesterday. A full electronic charge of Roomba takes 18 hours. And I booted Roomba today.


Roomba moves exactly across the rooms. At corners of a room Roomba reduces its speed not to bump against a wall strongly. It can sweep almost everywhere of the rooms, including on a carpet. It is a little noisy but not so much than vacuum-cleaner.
When the electronic charge is nearly exhausted, Roomba goes back to charge-dock automatically. Scheduled sweep is also available with some kinds of Roomba. So using Roomba, I will need not clean my home up on my own.

Housework is heavy task not only for women but also for men. Washing machine lets us free from washing task. And Roomba has rescued us from suffering of sweeping work. It will help us, especially young women, to go out to get a job.

However, Roomba or other robots may deprive many more people of their cleaning job in the future.

Roomba is a convenient tool. But it makes us struggle for more creative works.

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  1. Waoo!!

    By the way, Roomba is a innovation from military product.. In the beginning it was a minesweeper. This will be a good sample to explain how innovation occurs--- This happens when one idea made "fusion" to another idea.