Monday, March 18, 2013

Surviving companies in future

Riskmonster inc. has conducted an interesting questionnaire.
“Which company will survive next 50 years in Japan?”

A total of 1,000 people responded via internet in Feb. 2013.
The best reliable company is Toyota, automobile company. Honda and East Japan Railway Company (JR) followed.

Companies gained many votes are very famous, leading ones in Japan. Many youngsters want to belong to these companies.
Nonetheless, I am a little anxious about these companies in the future.

Most of listed companies belong to manufacturing industry. Japan has developed as an industrial country. But now many industrial companies in Japan are struggling because of high labor cost and strong competitors in developing countries.
Panasonic, listed up as 9th in the questionnaire, is $8.5 billion in the red in 2013.

It is often occurring that an excellent company falls down. Japan Airline (JAL) was deemed to be essential in Japan, but bankrupted. Tokyo Electronic Power Company (TEPCO) was also an invulnerable company, but rushed into the inferno after 3.11 earthquake and tsunami disaster and following Fukushima atomic power plant accident.

Unfortunately, the Riskmonster did not describe the contents of this questionnaire in detail clearly. Whether the choices are specified is unclear. So, I cannot examine the value of the result.

Actually I can hardly predict the future. It is uncertain whether I am still alive 50 years after now. Almost everything will change dramatically. Even if most companies would bankrupt, I believe that some more fantastic companies would bear instead.

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  1. I think we should encourage the new, ambitious companies. 21st centuries is a time of internet, which allows a big change in short period. We must adjust this situation...Boys, be ambitious!