Thursday, April 4, 2013

Books of treasure

I am a little bookworm.

I read about 50-100 books a year. This is not so many books as real bookworms.

I usually read modern books. They are easy to read. But to be honest I want to read old books slowly.

There are thousands of new books in bookstore, especially self-developing or business introduction. Amazon Kindle and other e-book stores also sell a lot of books. However, most newly books would be forgotten in the near future.

There are some reasons why ancient books survive hundreds of years.

So I make an oath to complete the list of unread books below by the end of this year;

by Adam Smith
This book explains a famous theory named God’s invisible hand. Egoism makes us happy.

by Dale Carnegie
This is also an origin of self-development. Most business introductions refer this.

by Niccolo Machiavelli
Mr. Machiavelli is deemed to be a merciless man. But I hear he is not only cold but also faithful. I will certify his personality through this book.

By Milton Friedman
This is popular with some economists in Japan. This is a newly bible for libertarians I understand. However, most libertarians have not read this, I guess.

By Karl Heinrich Marx
When I learn about capitalism, I should learn communism, too.

by B. F. Skinner
Mr. Skinner is very famous as founder of behavioral therapy. He was also an optimist who believed utopia. Unfortunately this book is nearly out of print. I have one in Japanese translated version scanned to PDF.

Moreover, I want to read some oriental books.
At first, I will challenge these ones.


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