Thursday, April 18, 2013

My best computer games (1) OBLIVION

Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. As I wrote past, I love TRPG the best. But TRPGs with friends cost time for playing and readying. Instead, I have played a lot of computer RPGs.

In PC games, I think “The Elder Scroll IV: OBLIVION” is the best.

This is the 4th title of Elder Scroll series. Now TES V: SKYRIM is also playable.
Oblivion has an extremely beautiful graphic. In the Oblivion world your character can anything freely. You can save the world, stub a citizen for money, to be arrested, or merely wander in a plain. Travelling in the world is also a fan.
Oblivion world is truly realistic. All of non-player characters have their own will. Farmers get up at 8:00 and go out. In the evening they gather in a tavern. Sometimes they even have a quarrel. You can steal money from them, to be arrested.
There is another advantage of OBLIVION. A lot of volunteers have created modification programs (Mods) which can customize OBLIVION. You can apply them to your OBLIVION to change the game completely. Bethesta Softworks, the developer of OBLIVION, lets the Mods spread. So you can enjoy OBLIVION almost eternally!

This is a screenshot of OBLIVION. I have adopted some Mods to customize shapes, races, and voices of player characters.

OBLIVION is also playable with PlayStation3 or X-BOX 360. However, I recommend you to get PC version because of variation of Mods.
By the way, OBLIVION Japanese version (available with PS3 or X-BOX 360 only) is so splendid. I respect for translators.

I played OBLIVION for over 500 hours. I am not satiated. I can play it with my present machine.

OBLIVION is now also available at Steam. You can get some Mods from this forum.

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