Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Result of my first TOEFL

Today, I was notified of the result of TOEFL I past took.
Total score was 74. Each subscores of skills are below:

Mmm, well balanced?

Actually, I felt TOEFL very difficult. I was afraid that I would gain the score of 60 or less. So this result relieved me. Of course, I must not satisfy with this.

By the way, in Japan TOEIC is more popular than TOEFL. For English learners, there are conversion tables of TOFEL and TOEIC like this.

However, I am doubtful of validity of this table. Indeed, my score of TOEIC was 825. According to this table, I should get 92-93 points with TOEFL iBT. But today's result is not so high. Speaking or writing, not included in TOEIC, did not reduce the total score of TOEFL, for my score was balanced.

Mr. Shu presented a conversion table of TOEIC and TOEFL based on his own impression. He also referred to IELTS.

I think this table is relatively appropriate.

IELTS is also famous examination to test your skill of English language. I will try it someday. However, perhaps IELTS does not fit for repeated challenges because the range of scores is narrow (1.0 – 9.0).


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