Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Baggage theft cases in Alitalia

Baggage stolen cases happened in the airplanes. It is surprising that the thieves were the crews.

CNN: Italian police arrest dozens over Alitalia baggage theft

Dozens of baggage handlers working for Alitalia, an Italian airline, were arrested for the theft.
It is a dreadful matter. We are not able to protect our baggages from picking while they are checked in the transportation service. Primarily, workers at the airline company are responsible for the safety of the baggages. However, they were not security police, but thieves!

According to Agence France-Presse, an Alitalia source said that they were also victims. I think most people may get angered to hear the words. Passengers cannot distinguish vicious workers from innocent ones in the same department. In Japan there is an expression such as “Nusutto Takedakeshii!” (You, shameless thief!).

Global Post: Italy police bust baggage thieves at Alitalia

However, it is a little difficult problem to determine the range a company is responsible for the crime an employee committed. In this case, Alitalia could not avoid occurring the crime with abuse of the position as baggage keepers. Therefore, Alitalia has responsibility to compensate for the loss of the victims, I think. On the other hand, it is not always rational that a company should administrate all behaviors of the employees. If an employee committed a theft at another store than the airport, the employer would fire him simply.

In Japan, the relationship between companies and the employees is very strong. When an employee belongs to a famous company commit a crime, the company itself tends to be blamed violently. It is often occurring that the chancellor makes an apology in public after a student of the university committed a crime. I think this is an excessive compliance. Companies, universities, or other organizations should be responsible for their own field that they should control.

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