Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Iron Man 3: a joke movie

The last week, I watched Iron Man 3 at late time.

I like movies about American comics. My favorite is X-Men 3. Spider-man, Batman, and The Avengers are also fun.

By the way, Iron Man, actually, I like him so so.

Mr. Tony Stark, the fighting president, has both genius talent and tricky character. He is not a pleasant man. He knows his own ability well, and he often behaves arrogantly. It is one of his humane charisma. However, his poor joke causes a disastrous result in Iron Man 3.

The enemy of Iron Man 3 makes me imagine a group of a cult. The diagram of Iron Man vs. the master was so symbolic. Iron Man was fighting as the bringer of justice to eliminate the cult. It is too simplistic for me as a storyline.

There were many machine working automatically in the movie. It was also boring. If every war-machine were able to manipulate with computer, Iron Man would need not work by himself, isn’t it?

There were some other scenes unreal. I enjoyed them as a joke, but they were not worthy to watch with excitement.

Visions of Iron Man 3 was splendid. I watched it in the 2D version, but I guess the 3D version would be better.

I hear Iron Man 3 accomplished a record of sale. I do not appreciate it so much. Of course not bad. However, I understood it was a kind of joke movie.

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