Saturday, June 1, 2013

A lecture about Kindle Direct Publishing

Yesterday I attended a lecture about Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Kindle is an excellent device to read e-books made by Amazon, as I mentioned. Even if you do not have one, you can read all e-books you bought with an iPod or a Smartphone, for Amazon offers Kindle application for iOS and Android for free.

The Amazon Kindle store had launched in Japan the last year. And at the same time, Amazon started KDP. You can publish to sell your own documents with KDP quite easily.

This lecture was performed as a memorial of publishing a guidebook about KDP written by Mr. Masaki Ishitani et al. Mr. Ishitani is the administrator of “Mitaimon!”, a Japanese blog.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: The Complete Guide (in Japanese)

He himself was the lecturer yesterday. Moreover Ms. Kazuyo Katsuma, a famous financial analyst, was attending the lecture as the special guest. She already has published several e-books with KDP on her own. These series of e-books are only $1 respectively.

Some phrases in the lecture impressed me.

(1) The strongest enemy against KDP is conference.
KDP has some advantages. One is the rapidness. We need not make arrangements to coordinate a publishing team. Soon after finishing writing the manuscript, the e-book will be ready to be sold. So, complicated discussion is not needed. Carry out!

(2) What determine whether the sales are successful are the readers.
Several factors are concerned with publication. The bookstores decide how many books they should buy to arrange them on the display stand. Advertisement is essential to inform the bookstores about your new book. The relationship between the publisher and the bookstores are also crucial. The situation around publication is more complicated in Japan. However, you have an equal opportunity as any other author to display KDP e-book on the screen on site. If your e-book accomplishes the top seller, Amazon will offer you the best place. Therefore, it is a merciless battle in the market.

(3) You can utilize Amazon for a quite cheap fee.
Some people are worried about the dependence on Amazon. They say that they would be starved if Amazon increase the fee for publication. But the lecturers laughed at this kind of opinions. According to them, Amazon offers convenient system and infrastructure. The fee to use it is extremely low, considering the cost Amazon invested in it. We can depend on Amazon for a while.

The lecture was quite interesting for me.
I have published one small textbook of psychiatry. And I am willing to perform the next move in near future.

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