Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mr. Bezos buy The Washington Post

Mr. Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon has decided to buy The Washington Post, a famous newspaper in the US.

This purchase is by Mr. Bezos himself. He will become the sole owner. Amazon did not participate in this deal.

The Washington Post is a long lasting newspaper which was established in 1877. Its circulation is the 5th in the US. So this news is astonishing. 

The executives of The Washington Post welcomed the deal, for Mr. Bezos committed that he would not interfere the editing policy of The Washington Post. The domination of Mr. Bezos may let The Washington Post free from the influence of  traditional media organization.

On the other hand, Amazon itself is entering into the news industry. Recently, Amazon gained an exclusive interview with Mr. Barack Obama, the president of the US. This event outraged any other media.

Amazon is one of great companies. However, attacked by the media is not desired even for Amazon. It seems Amazon will try to have an influence on the news industry. I cannot think that this trend is not associated with the purchase by Mr. Bezos.

Actually, I love Amazon very much. But it is no good for us that Amazon becomes too gigantic.


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