Friday, August 9, 2013

Recent news about psychiatric examination

Recently, some news about psychiatric examination are focused.

Ms. Amanda Bynes, a famous actress in the US, was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. She will appeal that she is well, but her parents seem to hesitate to let her free. She said she was suffering from eating disorder and she also have arrested for possession of illegal drugs.

Mirror: Amanda Bynes due in court fighting for freedom from psychiatric hospital

The Judge decided to re-investigate the mental status of Mr. Chad De Soto, who committed mass murders in Guam, to prepare for upcoming trial. The request of the attorney was accepted. He has been examined once, but the result has not been published.

Guam Judge will allow expert witness

On the other hand, Mr. Anders Behring Breivik who was imprisoned for a cruel terrorism applied for the university of Oslo, that caused a discussion. He has been examined twice by the mental health experts. Finally he was determined to be capable to stand a trial. He also wanted to be a defendant. Now he is willing to learn politics, perhaps to enhance his ideology.

Stars and Stripes: Norway mass killer applies for college courses

As far as I know, mass media seldom report the mental status of their offenders precisely. So I dare not to make any comments about them.
In general, however, it can be said that sensational crime often twist scientific opinion, especially among criminal responsibility. I hope to be politically neutral during psychiatric examination.


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