Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation in Italy (1)

I went to Italy last week to enjoy summer vacation. An amazing and a little strange journey.

I visit Italy via Shanghai for cheaper airplane tickets. I stayed in Shanghai for a night.
The Shanghai international airport was gorgeously shining. The ceiling equipped a large amount of pillars.

I stayed at a hotel near the airport. The landscape in the window of the room was simple. I had not thought that Shanghai would be more than a place of instant stay.

The next morning, I went to a terminal at the Shanghai international airport. The windows of registration services were very crowded.

Then, I was surprised to be informed that I could not board the airplane due to over booking.
I knew that airlines often overbooked to maximize their income. However, it is for the first time for me to be rejected to board. Some other clients were also confused.

I had no choice to accept the compensation fee from the airline to abandon the boarding.
So, I had to stay for another night.

Nothing to do other than, I visited the Bund.

The Oriental Pearl Tower was very beautiful. This had been the tallest tower in Asia before Tokyo Sky tree was established.

I had as Xiaolongbao (eastern Chinese steamed bun) and some other Chinese cuisine. This is so called Dalongbao. I pierced the skin with a straw to drink the soup. Quite delicious.

Some ships were floating with electric decorations.

I enjoyed the Shanghai night. But my journey to Italy had not begun...

(To be continued.)

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  1. Oh, it looks nice! I am looking forward to seeing No.2.