Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vacation in Italy (3)

Vacation in Italy (1)
Vacation in Italy (2)

Naples is not always pleasant.

I was nearly tricked by a person. He was approaching me at a station. He was kind to teach me the way to buy the ticket. He manipulated a vending machine instead of me. After the setup, he asked me for some money. I did not pay for him. To begin with, the destination he set was wrong.

I tried to ride on a ship to go to Amalfi. I went to the port.

I asked a vender, "Would you like to sell a ticket to Amalfi?"
The reply was surprising, "Tomorrow".

I had checked it up that a ship to Amalfi would launch at 13 o'clock. I was confused. Then I went to another ticket station nearby the port. Fortunately, a woman sold me a ticket immediately.

However, I was notified that the ship I had reserved could not sail today due to bad weather.

How about selling an inactive ticket? I returned to the station for compensation. The vender accepted my claim. In conclusion, I stayed the port for 2 hours in vain.

I changed my plan to use a train.
I reached Solento at 14 o'clock. It was also a beautiful place.

By the seashore, there were some tropical plants with parakeets.

And I saw Mount Vesuvius at the seashore. It was quite grand.

There were lots of fantastic landscapes around Solento.

I rode on a bus to Amalfi.
The highway was zigzagging. I was too fearful to drive on the way. However, the driver was extremely optimistic and cheerful. He was always singing loudly. Some passengers sang together. It was quite Naporitanic.

Positano was a countryside in southern Italy. It looked interesting. Houses were crowded together around the cliff.

I wanted to walk around at Positano for a while. However, I founded that many people failed to ride on a bus at the Positano bus station due to full jamming. So I abandoned to get off the bus.

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