Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vacation in Italy (5)

Vacation in Italy (1)
Vacation in Italy (2)
Vacation in Italy (3)
Vacation in Italy (4)

After visiting a market in Naples, I went to Bologna..

Bologna is an ancient fortress town. It looked different from Naples. The walls of houses are all brown. And there were a lot of arcade around the streets.

So, Bologna was far more elegant than Naples. However, I saw scribbings drawn on walls everywhere in Bologna.

This is one of the main gates of Bologna.

These are twin towers in Bologna. I was told that the second tower was decided to be built because the first tower had been found to be leaning.

I climbed up the tower toward the upstairs.

The landscape of Bologna was so splendid.

I ate lasagna and Palma ham, which were introduced as very best foods in CNN.

At last, I watched flower market in the next morning.

Bologna was so pleasant town. I also went to the University of Bologna which was the oldest university in the world. I was impressed with the solemnity.

(To be continued.)

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