Monday, February 9, 2015

World romantic hotels

What kind of hotel are you fond of staying? Stylish, or luxury one? I usually choose a simple room in the business trip. But I would like to stay in a lovely room in a vacation.

Telegraph published the lists of romantic hotels in several cities. London, Paris, Venice, Edinburgh, New York, and some popular cities were introduced in this article.

Telegraph: The world's most romantic hotels

In London, Telegraph listed up the Rookery at Smithfield, Ritz at Piccadilly, and so forth. Considering that Savoy was not nominated, the author had some distinctive point of view to choose the candidates, not limited to the standard of gorgeous looking. All the chosen hotels except the Bingham at Richmond were located on the northern side of Thames river. Indeed, there is a considerable difference between each side of the river in appearance of the town. Unfortunately, I have never stayed at the hotel listed up.

Telegraph: Top 10: romantic London hotels

In Edinburgh, the Howard was ranked in where I stayed last year. Actually, this hotel was so deluxe and had an antique atmosphere. I lent the smallest room, I was so relaxed nonetheless. In addition, the breakfast served at the hotel was splendid. Edinburgh itself was also a solemn and beautiful city. I was completely satisfied to enjoy the vacation.

Telegraph: Top 10: romantic Edinburgh hotels

Hotel has been a symbol of richness. In most countries, you can experience as if you are a royal with paying a considerable amount of money. Recently, social network services is rising to compete to hotels, like Airbnb. Nevertheless, luxury hotels will survive the era, as far as accommodation is a matter of life.

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