Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Too dirty to be a psychiatric hospital

In Ireland, a representative psychiatric hospital in Dublin was deemed not to be appropriate, by the authority.

The Mental Health Commission carried out this inspection in August 2014, concluded that this facility built in 19th century was outdated. The Health Service Executive (HSE) is considering to replace this facility soon.

The Irish Times: Central Mental Health hospital ‘unsuitable’ as mental health facility - report

According to the report, there were some suggestions regarding the appearance and equipment of the facility. For example, the bedrooms looked like cells and some corridors were too narrow. In spite of the effort of the cleaning staffs, some rooms were dusty.

The contents of the report seem rational. And it is unavoidable for such an old building to become outdated some day. Also in Japan, psychiatric hospitals built in the 20th century are dirty and dysfunctional somewhat. Some traditional hospitals were made from wood, and equipped only bedrooms shared by many inpatients. In addition, some hospitals cannot meet the safety standard to survive an earthquake. Rebuilding or reforming is required in many facilities within some decades.

In European countries, there are some hospitals reconstructed from a castle or a prison. They are quite invulnerable, but far from comfortable to stay. On the other hand, nowadays, environmental issues for inpatients are much concerned than before. It is not easy to utilize those buildings for a long time continuously meeting the need of the residents.

By the way, this report also mentioned the CCTV setting. The fact that CCTV cameras are in operation should be notified, according to the report. In Japan, most psychiatric hospitals adopt CCTV cameras to observe the status of the patients in a seclusion room. But it is uncertain the patients are notified about it. Some psychotic patients are suffering from the delusion of observation. Definite explanation to the patients regarding utilizing the CCTV is needed, not only to respect their human right, but also to relieve them from unnecessary suspicion.

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