Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Horniman Museum

Very recently, I visited Horniman museum.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

I entered the aquarium to watch several fish as well as jellyfish.

They were so beautiful.

I like sea horse. They were fixing their body to the branch with the tail. Why do they have such a strange form?

The art of taxidermy was also exhibited there. There were many stuffed animals in the room. Taxidermy was focused among the wealthy people the other day. But recently, it seems not so popular, perhaps because of the standpoint of animal rights. I felt a little scared since they were as if still living.

There was a garden on the outside of the museum.

Some traditional instruments were playable there.

Beside the above, I enjoyed some exhibition such as African World and Music Gallery. Unfortunately, I missed the Easter event there.

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