Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Catan Meijin-sen again at Kamata

Last weekend, I attended a game competition of Catan.

"Settlers of Catan" is one of the most popular modern analog game in the world. Catan was developed in 21 years ago. Though not so spread as Chess or Monopoly, the world championship tournament of Catan is held annually.

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At Kamata in Tokyo, Catan Championship competition "Catan Meijin-sen" is held annually. I attended it three years ago. And I went there again.

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This time, as well in the past, competitors were so strong that I hardly match them. As a result, I won in only one game, but lost other three games. This board below is the last stand in my victorious game. The yellow is mine.

One of my competitors said he considered I was a beginner. If I had placed a settlement in another place at the start of the game, I would have had a much better game, according to him. I admit it. Initial placement is very important in Catan. And because the time is limited, it was difficult for me to find the best move. Anyway, I got a winning.

In the second game, I had no mistakes, as far as I remember. I thought I was close to the victory. However, another player took "Longest Road" award suddenly, with making a settlement, and disclose a point card, to win the game. I had only six victory point in this game. It was sorry that I had missed the possibility of an instant kill by that player.

The third game was one-sided. A player made a city initially, and gathered lots of ore. When another player proposed a coalition with others, it was too late to stop him. I had six victory points at the end of the game, and I was second.

The final game was dynamic. I played a Monopoly card, to gather 15 of woods. Another turn, I gained 15 sheep in a turn. I gained Largest Army award. Nonetheless, I suffered from a shortage of ore. And finally, another player reached ten points when I had nine. In this game, I was lucky, but not so fortunate to grab the victory. It means the winner was better as playing than me.

"Kachi ni fushigi no kachi ari, make ni fushigi no make nasi." [There are strange victories, but there are no strange defeats.]

It is a statement in an ancient article in Japan. Seizan Matsuura, a lord in Edo era, is considered to have said it for the first time. It was also known that Katsuya Nomura, a great baseball player and manager, loved this statement.

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It is possible that you would win by chance. So, you should not be arrogant. On the other hand, when you are defeated, there are some particular reasons for the result. You have to examine what made you fail. This competition taught me this fact definitely.

After the competition, several prizes were delivered to the attendants. I got Catan chocolate.

A game is attached to this package, said the commissioner. I will examine it later, to enjoy it.

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