Friday, May 27, 2016

MacBook early 2016 has come

I got MacBook (early 2016 model) for business use.

Macbook was developed last year as the first model of Mac mobile notebook with a Retina display. MacBook Air is an excellent one but equips a display with lower resolution. Therefore, I was looking forward a new model.

However, MacBook in 2015 was expensive referring to its spec. The shape of it did not attract me. So, I dare not to buy it.

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This time, the new model of MacBook was released. It has improved CPU and battery. It is regrettable that only one USB type-C port is available as same as the old model. But it is not so problematic for me because I seldom use a USB memory stick. I usually rely on cloud drives to transfer the data.

My past entry: New Macbook 2016

I decided to buy MacBook for the purpose of my work. To be honest, I was annoyed to use Windows PC every time. It is not sure Mac is superior to Windows. But, it should be a beautiful experience to try a new OS.

How do I feel about the new machine?

I have not examined its performance. But it will be OK for my general use. Despite my concern, it seems tough enough for mobile use. Instead, it is heavy than I expected.

Now I am concerned about its battery. I will be satisfied if it lasts all a day.

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