Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mass murder case of challenged people in Sagamihara, Japan

In Sagamihara, a terrible mass murder case occurred on July 25, 2016.

It happened at a center for disabled people in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. A man armed with a knife intruded into the facility, and stabbed many residents. As a result, at least 19 were killed, and many are still under hospitalization for treatment.

Mail Online: Japans reels from worst massacre since World War II after a knifeman hacks to death at least 19 people because he wanted 'to get rid of the disabled from this world'

The suspect committed the responsibility when visiting a police office after the act. He said that disabled people should be dead, according to the media. It is also reported that he sent a message to the official estate of the chairman of the lower house for requesting the system to give disabled people mercy killing.

The suspect was used to be an employee of this facility. This fact explains that he could enter the facility quickly. In general, such facilities in Japan equip no additional security service than other ordinary houses.

Unfortunately, this series of murder has marks of the largest number of victims as a crime committed by a person in Japan after the WWII. Pray for victims sincerely.

There is limited information about this case. So, I should be cautious to interpret the figure of this case. As a glance, the ideology of the suspect looks quite childish. It is sometimes annoying for care givers to take care of disable people. Some people believe that they are superior to disabled people and have a right to take prosperity. Obviously, this kind of ideology is absurd. If you have no disability, it means just you are lucky.

I wonder the suspect had never recognized this simple fact. Also, it is not easy to kill multiple persons based only on ideology. What brought him to such a merciless crimes? The past history of the suspect should be investigated in detail.

On the other hand, solid ideology is hardly distinguished from delusion. In Norway mass murder case, the defendant, who killed many immigrants following his biased idea, was deemed as responsible for the crime by the court.

The deliberate examination is needed. And again, his idelogy is completely wrong. I hope every people can get along with each other regardless of disabilities.

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