Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Several way of stress reduction in the hottest time

Are you OK at work in the hot summer? I am not.

This August, Japan is struck by the heat. It is as usual as every summer. Nonetheless, the hot and moist weather gets rid of our energy.

In addition, we quickly feel irritated in an annoying atmosphere. In summer, many people are exhausted by not only the heat but also mental dysregulation.

When you feel tired, there are some options you can choose to restore your health. Taking a nap, having frozen drink, using the shower, and receiving massage are representative we frequently try for stress reduction.

The author of the article below suggested five options, in which running is favorite for the author.

The Conversation: Five ways to reboot your brain this summer

Indeed, computer gaming is not a good solution when you feel exhausted, I think. Gaming is fun, but it causes your tiredness instead of restoration. Gazing a TV monitor for a long time needs concentration. And your eyeballs become dry. When you quit the game, you may feel more tired than before starting the game.

I like gaming very much. But gaming is tiring and time consuming as well as other hobbies. Considering these facts, the game should be used for fun exclusively, not for restoring act.

The author ranked the TV watching as the same as reading a book. I cannot agree with this opinion. TV watching is rather a passive behavior. Even if you are not keen to listen to the TV casters, the program will go ahead. You will feel satisfied as if you gain much information from the content, regardless of the degree of understanding. In contrast, when reading a book, you have to read and absorb the content of a page before you proceed. Otherwise, you will lose the way of reading; you will merely trace the words on a page. It will make you suffering.

You can watch the TV while doing other tasks such as sewing a button or washing dishes. When reading a book, you cannot do other things at the same time. Thus, the TV is much less burdening than the book.

However, it does not mean that TV watching relieves you from stress. It depends on the content. After watching a TV comedy, you may feel relaxed. An action movie may make you excited. A news report offers you an opportunity to consider the world. However, you may get depressed if you watch a program not fitting your current emotion. There is no golden rule what kind of program is suitable for you. The choice is yours. In other words, you should not watch the TV when you are so exhausted that you cannot decide which program you would like to watch.

Running is one of the best choices for stress reduction. Exercise makes your body activated. And you have no room to worry about anything during running with your full strength. Before reaching the maximum speed, your blood flow moves to external muscles. It means your concern will shift to your body from ideological fear. In short, activating your body is preferable when your mind is broken down. Resetting your concern in your brain brings you new ideas which have never appeared. Many people believe the effectiveness of physical exercise for creative work.

Of course, running is not the only way to refresh your brain. And excessive exercise adversely affects your mind. If you dislike running, you can ride a bicycle, swim, or take a series of weight training, alternately.

Previously, I wrote about some ways of stress reduction. In this method, you can categorize solutions based on two axes. I recommend you to take a balanced combination of some solutions. However, if you have one favorite way, it is acceptable to rely on the solution, unless you are tired to continue it.

My past entry: Stress reducing activities, 2 axis and 3 principles

Make fun and resist the hottest summer!


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