Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Typhoon Chanthu (No. 7 in this year) is threatening Japan.

It is approaching to Eastern and Northern Japan. It had rained heavily in some regions. Last night, I encountered rainy clouds early in the afternoon. Then I got home as soon as possible. Immediately after I reached home, it began to rain, and it continued all night.

However, now, it is sunny. I am not sure it is temporal or the typhoon has changed the course. Japan Meteorological Agency canceled the warning for heavy rain in Chiba prefecture. North-eastern regions are still subjected to the warning. I decided to go to work today as usual.

Japan is often struck by Typhoon in summer and early autumn. It is very annoying and even dangerous. Some people are killed by heavy rain and flood. You shall not walk near to the river when it rains seriously.


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