Wednesday, October 18, 2017

IS' capital fallen

Raqqa, a Syrian city where Islamic State had claimed as its capital, was liberalized.

The Independent: Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces

It occurred on Oct. 17th, 2017. The US-backed armies completely took the control of Raqqa, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights declared the triumph. Raqqa had been conquered by IS since 2014. IS had identified there as its capital, although no nations had approved it.

Thousands of people have been killed in the series of battle there. A third of the victims were said to be citizens.

Now, the troop of SOHR is investigating whether terrorists and landmines remain there. After the investigation, the city will be normalized.

However, this event does not mean the extinction of IS at all. To begin with, IS is not identified as a nation by other than the members of IS. Thus, the capital of IS does not exist. There is no rule of terminating this conflict. In addition, members of IS will continue conducting terror attacks as same as previously, I guess, unfortunately.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Kobe Steel scandal

Kobe Steel, a famous company providing metal materials in Japan, was revealed to have been fabricating the data regarding the strength of its products. Not only aluminum and cupper but also steel was subjected to the doubt of fabrication.

Kobe Steel is the third biggest company in the industry in Japan. Its products are used to many significant buildings and tools such as Shinkansen super-express.

SPH Website: Kobe Steel scandal hurts Japan's reputation

The reason why Kobe Steel has permitted such a trick for a decade remains uncertain. Some people believe there is a significant flaw in Japanese management style in the industry beneath the incident. I do not think so because there are similar cases in foreign countries such as Volkswagen.

It is fortunate that disgusted materials are hardly used as it is. For example, cars and train bodies passed several tests for strength and tolerance before utilization. Even if the standard strength is not guaranteed in some materials, the result of the final test can be trusted. I believe this case would not lead to any actual accidents.

The prevention of recidivism is necessary. At the same time, too much blaming at relevant employees would help others to conceal similar injustice. Japanese tend to criticize people confessed dishonesty too much. It is that rather I am afraid.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Life expectancy to 150 years

How long can we alive? The opinion of scientists is various.

There is a hypothesis life expectancy may be prolonged to 150 years old committed at Jinhai Lake World Anti-aging Summit.

CGTN: Human's life expectancy can reach 150, say experts

There are some points to determine the life expectancy. Medical treatment can save your life from several deadly diseases. Proper diet and exercise are also important to keep your body and mind healthy. However, They do not mean you can avoid from aging.

On the other hand, anti-aging technology is developing. Although few things are described in the article above, some researchers seriously believe that artificial gene mutation can rejuvenate your body.

Lynda Gratton, a leading theorist of work style, said in the article that you would continue working till 80-year-old if life expectancy is prolonged. I am opposed to this idea. You need not work because of the rise of robots then. Instead, you have to find joyful habits much more to kill time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Father's diet influence infant' health?

A recent study claims that the content of father's diet influence on his child's health.

Daily Mail: You are what your DAD eats: Study shows father's diet before conception has huge impact on a child's health

According to the article above, researchers conducted a series of experiments with fruit flies. They fed the subjects with high protein and low carbs or the contrary. The result showed offspring from the father with high carbs were less like to survive.

Fruit flies share 60% of genes with humans. Therefore, the researchers seem to consider this outcome can apply to humans.

NZ Herald: Study shows father's diet before conception plays major role in a child's health

The whole component of the study seems not have been published in an academic journal. I guess there will be considerable controversies before this study is approved as valid.

In recent, the influence of father's health on the baby is often focused. To be honest, I am doubtful to this result itself. Anyway, this theme is interesting.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Amazon Prime Reading launched in Japan launched Prime Reading service for Amazon Prime users.

Amazon Prime Reading – most important things to know

It enables subscribers of Amazon Prime to read selected e-books unlimitedly. The subjects of free e-books are approximately 700 titles, according to Amazon Japan.

So far, Amazon has been offering Kindle Unlimited as an unlimited reading service of e-books. It covers more than a million titles (including foreign books). Thus, Prime Reading is a downward compatibility of Kindle Unlimited.

Different from Kindle Unlimited, however, Prime Reading is not an independent service. Subscribers of Amazon Prime can use this service without any additional cost. Amazon Prime has several benefits such as Prime Video, Prime Music, and free fast-delivery service. For subscribers of Amazon Prime, the launch of Prime Reading means pure expansion of service range.

On the other hand, how do subscribers of Kindle Unlimited feel? I am afraid that many subscribers will cancel Kindle Unlimited because most of them may have been users of Amazon Prime. And, limited people want to read e-books not covered by Prime Reading, I guess.

It seems that Amazon prioritizes increasing subscribers of Amazon Prime compared to those of Kindle Unlimited. This strategy may be right. Once depending on Amazon in your daily life, it will be difficult to quite Amazon Prime even if the subscription fee is hiked.

But, this policy is disadvantageous to individual writers who publish e-books using Kindle Desktop Publishing. Their e-books will seldom be subjected to Prime Reading.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Autonomous vehicle for disabled people

The spread of self-driving cars will change the world, more or less. But there are some clusters of people who benefit the most from this innovative technology. Elder people will reduce the risk of being involved in traffic accidents. In the future, children will be able to control an autonomous vehicle like a bycycle. And, disabled people will take profit the most.

The Conversation: Are self-driving cars the future of mobility for disabled people?

In the movie of "X-Men: Days of future past," Professor X who cannot walk due to spinal injury appears on a wheelchair. The chair does not equip wheels but has jet engines. He can float on the machine with manipulating the console attached on the armrest.

Nowadays, not a few people use an electric wheelchair. It enables them to move autonomously without their own legs. If the power of this vehicle is stronger than a car, they can go to everywhere. And if the car can think by itself to get the best way to reach the destination, it will be available for not only patients with a spinal injury but also patients with blindness.

In the future, I guess the size of cars will become smaller. It is because people will no more carry objects by their own. The internet, sharing economy, and 3D printers reduce the necessity of bringing commodities. Then, vehicles for a single person will become more common.

It is preferable if disabled people can do anything as healthy people can do with support of new technology. It means that we should round the wheel of progress much more.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Torture goods trading was banned by the UN

Recently, approximately 60 nations belonging to the United Nations launched a bid to exiling the trade of goods used to torture and execution.

The Nation: At UN, countries launch push to end trade in torture goods

The EU has established a legislation for dismissing capital punishment as a sentence. Nations carrying out death penalty are not permitted to join the EU. On the other hand, China, some states in the US, and Japan maintain capital punishment as a legal penalty for serious crimes.

On the other hand, most developed nations have made a treaty for banning torture to incarcerated. In the era of WWII, many were tortured to be dead. Some were subjected to experiments which had been prohibited by contemporary regulations. Such acts are never justified. Some people like Donald Trump, however, still claim the necessity of tortures.

I welcome this movement led by the UN. To begin with, I was surprised to know there is an international market of torture goods. And, even if importing of those goods become impossible, there are various ways to make prisoners painful, unfortunately. Thus, this bid will be no more effective in reality. Rather, the attitude of the EU and relevant countries against the torture and capital punishment will be influential.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The independence of Catalonia

Catalonia, an autonomous community in Spain is shaken between the independence and remaining.

So far, the citizens in Catalonia were willing to become independent of Spain. Since its fiscal status was far better than those of other regions, Catalonians has felt to be exploited by the Spanish government. On the other hand, the independence of Catalonia was a risk not only for Spain but also for other nations in the EU. When Brexit was approved, some people worried that this issue would be ignited.

And recently, the Catalonian government conducted a local referendum to ask the affirmation of the idea of the independence, despite the Constitutional Court had not approved it. The result was over 90% of respondents agreed, while the voting rate was under 50%. Thus, many people opposing the independence seemed not to have voted.

And Today, Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont has delayed a formal declaration of independence from Spain. He intends to enable persuasion with Spanish central government as much as possible.

CNN: Catalonia's independence standoff: How we got here and what comes next

I believe Puigdemont's attitude is rational. At present, none of other nations want Catalonia to become independent. Catalonia would be excluded from the members of EU. It will face a very difficult situation as many countries hesitate to make a good relationship with Catalonia. Referring the fact that there are many controversies around Brexit, the discussion about the influence of the independence of Catalonia will also be chaotic.

In general, it is no good for a local region to be independent of the mother nation because it seems to have gained much prosperity. But, recent situation imagines me a new shape of the future. The idea of nations itself will be amended shortly. Then, the identity of us will also be reconsidered.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The worst place for work in the UK?

Every year, some organizations publish the list of companies loved by lookie. The top of the list is usually a world-famous one, such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google.

Then, which company is named at the last of the list?

According to and, two biggest recruitment websites, The Student Loan Company marked the worst place of work. Its score was 2.8 out of 5, and less than a third of employees recommended working there. The chief complaint against this company was poor management.

International Business Times: Student Loan Company ranked as the 'worst place to work' within Britain's public sector

On the other hand, the company has committed to accept the result of this survey and began to improve the working environment.

This kind of survey tends to target companies which are well-known to many citizens. Thus, listed companies are often overrepresented, or exaggeratedly blamed. We should be aware of this issue when looking at the result. Also in Japan, some companies are listed up as "black companies," companies tend to exploit the employees. But it does not mean those companies are evil. The situation varies according to each sector, branch, and the boss.

The Student Loan Company is a non-profit, government-owned company in the UK. I have not heard its name until reading the article above.

When deciding the work, it is inevitable to judge the workplace with your own eyes. And it sometimes occurs that you notice new facts which have not been expected before, unfortunately.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Canadian situation regarding forensic mental health

In many countries, there is some legislation to treat patients with mental disorders who committed a crime. Some psychiatric illnesses are known to increase the risk of harming self or others, in some occasions. They should be medically treated not only for mitigating the magnitude of illnesses but also for reducing the risk of reoffending.

In general, people who could not recognize the nature of their behavior shall not be responsible for the result of their act. It is called "not guilty for the reason of insanity (NGRI)" adopted in most developed nations. Once identified as NGRI, they are likely to be sent to a forensic psychiatric hospital for treatment and supervision, with being released from the prison.

However, this scheme is nonfunctional in some cases, for various reasons in many countries. In Canada, a lot of people are inappropriately incarcerated, according to the author of this article below.

The Star: People with mental illness too often landing in prison instead of hospitals, experts say

I was surprised to know that the situation in Canada is quite similar to that in Japan. Of course, superficial understanding is not enough for an expert. But, also in Japan, it is likely many mentally disordered offenders are imprisoned, especially in the case of serious crimes. And, some lawyers wonder which is better for clients, incarcerated for a short time or supervised by the probation officer for years.

On the other hand, many people with mental disorders who committed a crime are not judged in the court trial in Japan. It is because the prosecutor can decide not to prosecute suspects whose criminal responsibility is doubtful. In addition, the police cannot detain people with severe mental disorders. Therefore they often call for administrative involuntary hospitalization ordered by the prefectural governor.

The goal of forensic mental health service is secure people, regardless of their psychiatric status, from tragedies due to mental disorders. Neither getting patients out from prison nor monitoring and controlling them is the ultimate goal. We should do a balanced discussion.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Netflix price hike in the US

Netflix, a popular video streaming service provider, decided to increase the monthly fee for most popular plans.

It offers the standard plan with which users can watch the program with two devices at the same time for ten USD per month. It will be hiked by ten percent. Existing customers can choose whether to accept the hike at the next month, downgrade the plan, or cancel using Nexflix.

International Business Times: Netflix price hike incoming with no rate freeze for loyal customers

Fortunately, the hike has not been adopted in Japan now. But soon, Japanese customers will also have to see the similar notification.

The cost for enjoying Netflix is now apparently than other similar services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. As the programs provided by each company are varied, the cost will not be a definite factor in choosing the service. Nonetheless, the difference of the price will be disadvantageous for Netflix provider.

Recently, Netflix is eager to create original films which are very qualified such as "House of Cards" and ''Orange Is The New Black." Other providers are also willing to make new films. But Netflix seems to invest a more significant amount of money. If they attract people, the number of customers will increase. Unfortunately, subscribers of Netflix is not growing so much last year compared with the previous years.

Netflix, as well as other companies, is originally a subscribing service for movie lovers. But observing the recent trend, it seems that companies are going to be a provider of visual work itself. Otherwise, old film providers are no more working as a business.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Kazuo Ishiguro gets the Nobel prize

This year's Nobel prize winners were revealed. Kazuo Ishiguro won the Nobel prize in literature.

The Guardian: Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel prize in literature 2017

Ishiguro is a British writer, but formerly a Japanese. He was born in Nagasaki in 1954. He went to the UK in his childhood because of his father's work. He learned English literature and was naturalized to the British in 1983.

One of his representative work is "Never let me go." It was published in 2005. It describes some young persons long living at an institution. The intention of the administrator of this facility was hidden at first. But later, it is revealed that the residents were grown up to give organs to wealthy people.

The storyline is similar to other thrillers. But the atmosphere around the story is unique. Casts are confused, even partially accepting their fate. I watched this work on the TV cinema. The original novel was a little difficult for me.

Congratulations, Mr. Ishiguro. I will read other stories written by him.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Monarch Airlines bankrupt

Recently, bankrupt of budget airlines (so-called low-cost carriers) occurred in succession.

Monarch Airlines had to cease all of the services due to money short. It made more than 100 thousands of passengers worry about getting home. A total of 300 thousand cancellations occurred. After that, Ryanair was threatened to be sued by the Civil Aviation Authority for persistently misleading passengers.

International Business Times: From Monarch to Ryanair and Air Berlin: Are budget airlines flying into trouble?

Air Berlin also filed for insolvency in this August due to the withdrawn investment of Etihad Airways. In Japan, Skymark Airlines met bankrupt in 2015.

Budget airlines set the fare for boarding at the rate as low as possible. They are struggling to reduce the cost. It leads to the lack of flexibility in accidental situations. Previously, I wrote an example.

My past entry: A particular reason for delay in LCC

As well, they have no surplus cash because most of them are start-up companies. Thus, a small additional expenditure will be enough for them to be bankrupted.

However, airline transportation is now an essential infrastructure. Companies are responsible for the stable offering of transportation. In the case of Monarch, I hardly understand the fact none could prevent such as mass stasis of passengers. The governments and alliances of airline companies have to ensure the sustainability of airline transportation for preventing the chaos, I believe.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tillerson says Trump moron?

Rex Tillerson, the US secretary of state, is suspected to conflict with Donald Trump.

According to CNN, he called Trump a moron. Previously, many officials in the US government quitted because of deteriorating relationship with Trump. But Tillerson denied the possibility of resigning.

The Guardian: Rex Tillerson says he won't quit but doesn't deny calling Trump a 'moron'

On the other hand, he did not directly deny that he had said "moron" to Trump, according to the media. What is in his mind is unsure.

Donald Trump also denied the conflict with Tillerson and requested the media to make an apology for the false report. But, no one has canceled their comments.

I believe Tillerson is a skilled person about diplomacy and defense policy. It is not surprising that he has been annoyed by Trump's unstable and defiant comments. Indeed, he deems Trump as a moron, I guess.

But it is another issue whether he drops out from this position. If Trump still trusts Tillerson enough to permit him to do based on his own decision, Tillerson will be able to continue cooperating with Trump. Otherwise, he can no more be patient to the boss' clumsiness.

The presence of Tillerson has a crucial role for Japan and South Korea for maintaining the situation of the Korean peninsula. As a Japanese, I hope Tillerson to keep working. Excellent subordinates are needed for the strange boss.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Anti-abortion law passed the House in the US

A newly anti-abortion bill passed the House in the US.

The bill, named Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act prohibits abortion to a fetus which is older than 20 weeks without some exception such as the risk for mother's life. It will illegalize some abortions and make mothers get the birth the chide.

With Trump’s backing, House approves ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy

The establishment of this bill is one of the promises of Donald Trump who has gained the support of conservative Christian voters. Traditionally, Republicans are against abortions while Democrats accept them. It was natural for the ruling Republican Party to struggle for passing the bill.

However, the majority of Senators are opposed to this bill. Therefore, it is doubtful this bill will be enforced. Some Democrats say the argument is a waste of time.

One of the concepts of this bill is a hypothesis that a fetus can feel pain at 20-weeks. But this idea is not authorized by relevant academic organizations. I am also skeptical of this idea. It is known that a fetus under 22 weeks cannot survive out of the uterus even with artificial supports. According to this fact, fetus under 22 weeks has not been an independent life yet. Such fetus never feels its emotions, I reckon.

In Japan, there were many illegal abortions conducted by non-licensed clinicians the other days. As a result, many mothers, most of them were poor, were killed by medical complications with abortion. Thus, too strict legislation will lead to the mass criminalization of poor people. If this act is realized, illegal and risky abortion will increase, I am afraid.

On the other hand, Japanese tend to underrepresent the value of the life of children. Now, "Mother Protection Act" regulates the abortions for medical reasons. This act was originated from "Superiority Protection Act" in 1996. Its title, as well as some contents, is quite discriminative. Even now, there is a scarce discussion about abortion. Some mothers take her child's life for various reasons. In these cases, they tend to be given relatively slight punishment by the court verdict.

Child protection is a crucially important issue. A balanced discussion is necessary for the better management of unexpected pregnancy.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Gun shooting in Las Vegas

At night on Oct 1st, 2017, a man caused a massacre at the music festival in Las Vegas. He seemed to shoot some modified rifles for several minutes, leading to at least 59 dead and more than 500 injuries. It marked the deadliest gun crime in the US history.

International Business Times: Las Vegas mass shooting: Stephen Paddock massacres at least 59 from window of Mandalay Bay hotel

When the police reached the field of the case, the suspect had already taken his life with a gun. Therefore, the background of the case remains unknown. The suspect was a 64-year-old man. He was an ex-accountant and was said to have a certain amount of estate. He was gambling thousands of dollars for recent months. His relatives have no idea of the motivation of his crime.

After the tragedy, Islamic State (IS) commented that the suspect recently became a Muslim. But, Muslims never commit suicide, excepting suicidal bombing. The FBI seems not to trust IS' declaration.

Nevada state has no strict gun controlling legislation. People who want to possess a firearm can purchase it from another individual without any official permission. However, I think this fact is not directly connected to the occurrence of the case. Also in other states, malicious people can gain firearms if they truly want.

It is also rare that elder people who are not poor commit a violent crime. What is clarified is too limited for us to understand the case.

Pray for the victims, and I hope similar tragedies will never occur.

Monday, October 2, 2017

AI can predict whether your relationship will be over?

Recently, topics of AI is increasingly mentioned in the media. It reflects the current trend of research. Thus, many researchers are enthusiastically considering the future utilization of AI.

AI can predict the future based on the past data. Its range is not limited to weather or the stock market, but also human relations. Here, a study was conducted at the University of Southern California to qualify the ability of AI to predict the outcome of the couple relationship. There were 134 couples which were involved in this study. AI analyzed their voices to predict whether the couple would survive for years. The precision rate was superior in the AI to human therapists.

The Conversation: AI can predict whether your relationship will last based on how you speak to your partner

If the result is reliable, it means that AI can interpret the human emotions through the tone and intonation of the voices. It is important because previously computer analysis did not cover non-verbal communication and contextual thoughts. In addition, there is a hint in daily conversation to predict the future. If this technology is realized, your sweetheart would record your voice not to keep your voice in her memory but to evaluate your patience.

AI is now mimicking human mind. And it can calculate the meaning of it with superior preciseness than human instinct.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sex robots save your life?

Recently, I mentioned the danger of sex robots to kill you. While coming sex robots will be connected to the internet, there is a risk of being compromised by a malicious hacker.

My past entry: Sex robot kills you?

In contrast, some claim that utilizing sex robots expand your life. Many sex robots will be purchased by lonely people such as widows. They mitigate the clients' suffering, leading to the life expectancy. Robots to care people with dementia or other medical condition is underdeveloping in real. It is not so surprising if they equip the program of sexual aid.

International Business Times: Sex robots of the future could raise life expectancy and improve mental health

In my opinion, sex robots are no more than a substitute for a tool for masturbation. Excessive masturbation will do damage your communication skill in the bed. Their market will be limited even in the future.

On the other hand, robots equipping sophisticated communicative function may use body touching or other ways which ignite our sexual instinct. Although caring robots have no vagina, some clients would like to kiss the robot. There may be a point of discussion whether the robot should move its tongue in this situation.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sequels in September 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Abe will dissolve the lower house

Following the dissolve of lower diet, each party began to prepare for the general election. Seiji Maebara, the top of Democratic Party decided to disintegrate the party. Most of the members will join to Kibounotou (Hope Party) which was developed by Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo. But, Koike denied accepting all of the members and she will examine each candidate's policy.

Koike's party is conservative while Democratic Party is rather liberal. Thus, this merger is hardly understandable. Koike herself is evaluated as a populist. And Democratic Party was historically apart from ruling Liberal Democratic Party. I do not believe they will be successfully integrated. Abe will win the next election.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Germany general election

Donald Trump ringed Angela Merkel to express a celebration. His reaction is meaningless at a glance because Trump and Merkel have been in a tense. Trump may be tricking Merkel or made an irony.

Saturday, September 16, 2017
London tube explosion

After that, London Tube faced an explosion again. This time, it occurred at Tower Hill station on 26th. It was not due to terrorists, but an ignited battery pack.

Metro: Panic at Tower Hill station after ‘battery pack explodes’ on District Line train

Thursday, September 14, 2017
JP Morgan disgrace Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin rapidly recovered. On the other hand, the Chinese government began to restrict the deal of Bitcoin more strictly than ever before. It is unclear whether the price of Bitcoin will be stabilized.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Renewable energy source in the future

After the earthquake and Tsunami disaster in 2011, Japan had to face a serious shortage of electricity due to rising criticism against atomic power plants. Citizens nearby power plants opposed to restarting plants. As a result, many fire power plants had to be worked with enhanced magnitude. It caused deteriorated air pollution with no doubt.

Renewable energy was also focused in Japan. But Jpan has not enriched the utilization of renewable energy sources yet, compared with some European countries. While there are some reasons, narrow lands seem to be the dominant factor against broadened renewable energy. Few houses in Japan can equip solar panels. Windmills can be built in limited coasts. Ground heat is promising since there are many volcanoes in Japan. But most of the candidate areas are designated as a national park in which artificial buildings are prohibited.

Most of all, the cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources is inferior to the conventional energy sources. Companies do not believe they are worthy of investment.

However, the balance will be amended. Innovation is expected in this region, whereas the potential of fossil fuels is exhausting. I have heard that the quality of solar panels is hardly improved any more. But according to the article below, there seems much room of enhancement.

The Conversation: Renewables will be cheaper than coal in the future. Here are the numbers

At least until the mid 21st century, fossil fuels will not be exhausted yet. On the other hand, renewable energy will be used more dominantly. And atomic power plants will still face broad criticism, I guess.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hawaii vacation

I visited Hawaii for this summer vacation.

It is for the second time for me to visit Hawaii. Its tropical wind and joyful atmosphere attracted me so much.

Diamond Head is seen over the coast. I went there by bus.

I ate pancakes at Bills Waikiki. It is famous as the server of the world best breakfast.

Pancakes were delicious. But unfortunately, the breakfast plate was not so good.

Hawaiian night was fantastic. Cool wind felt good.

The night view seen at Mount Tantalus was extremely beautiful.

The last night at Waikiki, I rode on a sunset cruise. It was a splendid experience.

Surprisingly, I felt cooler in Hawaii than in Japan because the air humidity is different. It was a perfect vacation, and I would like to visit there again and again.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Abe will dissolve the lower house

Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, suggested the dissolve of the lower house of parliament.

Independence: Japan election: Shinzo Abe calls snap vote and dissolves lower house of parliament

As usual, an extraordinary Diet session will be held on Sep 28th. But Abe is planning to declare the dissolve at the beginning of the session. Following the declaration, a general election will be conducted.

Abe said that planned consumption tax hike would be used for child education instead of social security. He claims that this policy change will be judged by citizens, and he named this dissolve as a solution to the national crisis.

Abe's intention is guessed by several people. Opposing Democratic Party criticizes his decision as irresponsible for the current situation in which North Korea and the US is in the tense. According to Democratic Party, Abe intends to avoid criticism on Moritomo Gakuen and Kakei Gakuen, which are suspected to have been built under an illegal process of the intervention by the government.

On the contrary, Soichiro Tahara, a famous journalist, commented that Abe worries about the military intervention of the US to North Korea. If the US and North Korea begin to fight, Japan will face an extremely difficult situation. According to Tahara, Abe intends to stabilize the diet for the wartime.

In reality, the current situation is quite advantageous for ruling Liberal Democratic Party because opposing Democratic Party is in the chaos. Abe's decision is quite rational as a ruler to extend the life of the administration. I think his intention is rather simple.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Germany general election

Yesterday, a general election was conducted in Germany.

The Guardian: German election: Merkel wins fourth term but far-right AfD surges to third

The ruling Christian Democrat-led alliance kept the largest seats. Angela Merkel will successfully continue to be the Chancellor. She declared the triumph seeing the outcome.

Actually, however, the rise of far-right AfD brought a worry to Germany. It is for the first time for AfD to acquire the seat of parliament. A considerable amount of German people refuse immigrants, especially who are Muslim. Merkel never makes a coalition with AfD. But instead, she has to choose other parties to be an ally for the majority.

Indeed, the price of Euro rapidly fell after the election, maybe reflecting the worry about political instability in Germany.

Thanks to this result, this year will not be the year of far-right policy in Europe. But the future is quite uncertain.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gates regrets three-finger-salute

While it is dropping the share in the computing industry recently, Windows is still a great platform. It rose as Windows 3.1 and was established as Windows 95 as an operational system in the late 20th century. Since then, Windows has been the dominant OS and representative as the computer itself.

Bill Gates, the famous man as the founder of Windows and the world richest person, has one regretful decision regarding Windows.

International Business Times: Bill Gates reveals the one thing he regrets about Windows

It is "three finger salute," as you know. You can call task manager or reboot the Windows OS with pressing the Control+Alter+Delete keys. Gates said he would like to adopt a simpler command for restart the OS.

Actually, this command is a little complicated so that beginners hardly remember it. And when your left hand is occupied you would struggle to press the three keys at the same time.

On the other hand, a simpler command would be mistakenly run. You may have experienced to press an erroneous key to cause an unexpected movement. Gates' command was excellent, I believe.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Medical AI is near to come

Recently, I mentioned medical AI as nearly to be introduced.

My past entry: AI medicine realized

As well, I had a joke regarding AI psychiatrist on an April Fool. Which is true?

My past entry: Google Psychiatrist launched: loosing my job

Actually, medical AI has not been realized. But, the day when an AI doctor overwhelms human physicians is not so far distant from today. Within a few years, AI will begin to support doctors in diagnosing patients. And doctors will ask the best treatment strategy to an AI after a decade, I believe.

There are many regions in which AI is advantageous to perform. Pattern recognition is one of the typical scenes. Thus, diagnosing skin cancer through distinguishing malignant color or structure from normal tissues must be a topic. Indeed, Google has already equipped a system of censoring child porn in its cloud storage.

My past entry: Banning of Google account due to instant upload

It is in a sense misfortunate for dermatologists to be overwhelmed by AI. They have been eager to make a diagnosis at a glance in front of the skin of the patient. Their talent will be no more special soon. When I was trained by a dermatologist in the past, I could not distinguish malignant skins from normal at all. That experience ignited my inferiority complex. Ironically, I will not need to feel disgraced.

So, will physicians be replaced by robots? The issue is not so simple. There is someone to be responsible for the patient's treatment. Unless getting the complete human right and personality, AI cannot compensate for the failure of treatment. Thus, to be sued will be the only value of the human. It is also ironic.

Nonetheless, I am optimistic about the future. Physicians have made many efforts to improve the treatment. AI is one of the tools for doctors. If patients are cured without the risk of human error, it is simply better for all.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Toysarus bankrupted

Toys-R-Us, a popular retailer of toys in the US committed bankruptcy. Its debt has reached three billion USD.

International Business Times: Toys 'R' Us files for bankruptcy as it buckles under $5bn worth of debt

Toysarus developed as a gigantic dealer of toys mainly for children. The other days, Toysarus was representative of toys themselves. But recently, many competitors such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, rose and Toysarus began to struggle to keep its sales.

Some people analyzed that Toysarus had failed to adapt the era of the internet ordering. At first, Toysarus made a contract with Amazon for exclusive selling. Later, however, Amazon began to deal with other retailers to broaden the range of toys. Toysarus could not develop its own system of online shopping.

On the other hand, if Toysarus had been successful to offer the unique experience to customers visiting the store, it would have survived this year. Many artists and creators are eager to gather their lovers to the stage instead of selling copiable media.

In another point of view, toys are no more tools for kids, especially in Japan. Nowadays, many adults are fond of collect traditional toys. As well, several items which are enjoyable not only children but also adults are developed. Toysarus has been a brand for kids. It could be disadvantageous, I think.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Omega-3 reduce your aggression?

Omega-3 fatty acid is recently paid attention for its various effects on human health. Researchers are attempting to utilize it for treatment of several diseases including mental disorders.

Recently, some fish oil was proven to have a preventive effect on depression. On the other hand, the effect of DHA and other fatty acids on schizophrenia is still controversial.

Here, there is a clinical trial regarding the effect of DHA and EPA on violent behaviors in schizophrenic patients. In this study, participants were randomly assigned to fish oil group or placebo group. Patients taking fish oil showed lessor score of Modified Overt Aggression Scale (MOAS) than the control with statistical significance. Interestingly, fish oil did not improve their psychotic symptoms.

Schizophrenia Research: Effects of Omega-3 in the Treatment of Violent Schizophrenia Patients

Unfortunately, I cannot read the full article now. Therefore, I cannot evaluate the validity of this study. If the result of this study is reliable, it is hypothesized that Omega-3 fatty acid can reduce aggressive ideas in schizophrenic patients, and this effect is not relevant to the symptoms itself of schizophrenia. I wonder if healthy people will become calm after taking fish oil, indirectly suggested by this study. Are fish eaters pleasant than beef eaters? Otherwise, it is possible that schizophrenic patients tend to fail to take omega-3 fatty acid as usual. Anyway, eating fish regularly is good for your mental health.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gene criminology

Should genetic flaws be a reason for lessened sentence for a crime? It is a fundamental issue in forensic mental health.

Indeed, some types of genetic variations are known for a background of violent crimes. For example, MAO-A gene is proven to have a critical role in reactive aggression.

Actually, in some countries, lawyers seem successful to gain a shorter sentence for a criminal with genetic factors.

International Business Times: The crime gene: Should bad genetics mean a shorter sentence for criminals?

 It is surprising for me as it has never been discussed in Japan. Instead, in Japan, some criminal cases committed by a man who had Klinefelter syndrome were focused. The court sentence did account the influence of genetic factor of the defendant.

If some kinds of genes are responsible for crimes, as it is not a so fantastic hypothesis, criminals should not be responsible for their genes. On the other hand, there are many many factors which potentially bring us to a crime other than genes. Like poverty, low intelligence, and influence of parents, there are many factors we cannot control. Should they also accountable for factors to mitigate the sentence? It seems difficult.

Gene criminology is not established as an academic region. It was often argued, and sometimes discriminated. An open-minded discussion is required. But we should not jump to conclusion so rapidly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Is magic mushroom a solution for depressive patients?

As I mentioned repeatedly, depression is one of the most serious diseases in the world. The magnitude of its adverse influence on the life of patients and society itself is astronomical.

Therefore, many kinds of therapeutic strategies have been attempted to treat depression. In spite of several hypotheses regarding the cause of depression, medication is still dominant way of treatment. However, each antidepressant is effective to only a third of patients. There are many patients suffering from treatment-resistant symptoms.

Recently, some experimental treatments for depression are focused. Magic mushroom is one of the potential drugs. Psilocybin, a dominant component of magic mushroom is considered to have an effect to make users euphoric. Some researchers believe this fact suggests a possibility of psilocybin as a useful antidepressant. There are a couple of clinical trials conducted.

International Business Times: Two parents' fight to set up the largest ever magic mushroom trial for depression is nearly over

In my opinion, whatever cure depression is welcomed. But I am very skeptical of the effect of magic mushroom. Psychedelic drugs never cure the depressive symptoms but only eliminate inhibiting functions in the brain. In the state of disinhibition, people feel euphoric and cheerful because they cannot see any barriers in the life. But, the reality is different.

Regarding continuous effect should also be examined with a strict protocol. Longitudinal adverse effect of substance with dependency should not be underestimated. Even if a clinical trial is successful, I hesitate to use such psychedelic drugs to patients with depression.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Price of London property falls

House price in London is falling this September.

According to Rightmove, a property website, the average price of property in London flee 2.9% in this month. The range of decrease varied in each location. On the other hand, Southwark met 9.4% increase.

International Business Times: London house prices record biggest slump in a decade in September

Housing demand in London seems still high. Then, the drop of the price may be due to the end of estate bubble. London’s property price was rising every year by up to 10%. This tendency could not survive for many years.

Brexit has caused fear of exile in foreigners living in London. It is unsure Brexit influenced the price of the property. But, the negative policy against immigration should take power to lower the value of properties in London.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A symposium regarding children and parents' mind

Last weekend, I attended an academic conference as a symposiast. The theme was "What is occurring in the mind of children and parents?" A professor specialized in child psychiatry made a teaching session. Subsequently, three symposiasts including me made a presentation.

I mentioned some critical cases in the session. Indeed, I have experienced some criminal cases which were relevant to child abuse and mental health problems in children. While it is difficult to generalize the characteristics in each case, I believe most criminals who took his or her children's lives had
been quite normal. They were not psychopathic or sadistic. They truly loved their children. But, some factors such as the onset of psychiatric illness and children's mental condition destroyed their ordinary life.

Then, how can we prevent the tragedy? It is not easy to answer. I believe most cases felt solitude before committing the crime. They believed they would not be rescued by anyone. They did not trust anyone including themselves. Thus, there is an absolute need of supporters.

Unfortunately, the depressive state gets rid of the rational thought. In a depressive state, we feel guilty and desperate. We can hardly listen to other's words. Prevention and early intervention are essential not to deteriorate the severity of illness.

Symposium was successful. I have much learned about child psychiatry. Thanks for speakers and organizers.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Germany is world best country

The Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), conducted by Henley & Partners, published the list of nations which are the best to live. Germany was at the top of the list out of 195 nations.

International Business Times: Revealed: The world's best (and worst) nationalities

France, Denmark, and Ireland are following Germany. The UK was slipped from the top ten countries. Afganistan and some nations of the Middle East are named at the bottom of the list.

Northern European countries are often listed up in such a lineup. Their culture is sophisticated and citizens are kind. However, I would miss the sunshine if I lived there. They also lack entertainment.

Japan is one of the safest nations in the world. Also, living in Japan is very convenient, I believe. But Japan has some disadvantages. Foreign people tend to suffer from communication gap with Japanese. Discrimination against foreigners also exists in Japan. Most of all, Japan has a challenge in improving productivity in the society. I respect German people who have accomplished today's prosperity.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

London tube explosion

On Sep 15th, 2017, an explosion occurred in a tube staying at Parsons Green station in London.

Due to this incident, a total of 29 people were injured. Nobody was reported to have been killed so far. The bomb was enclosed in a white plastic bucket inside a supermarket bag. Parsons Green station seems to have been reopened.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK, declared that the warning level against terror attack became critical. Armed police will appear on the streets in the coming days, according to May.

The Guardian: London tube bombing: PM says terror threat level raised to critical

Donald Trump tweeted that Scotland Yard should enhance the level of supervision on the behaviors of terrorists. But May did not support his suggestion, mentioning that unlimited speculation by the police would not be appropriate.

However, it is true that London is facing a difficult situation between the public safety and freedom from being censored. This bombing case can be only a testimony for terrorists. It is fortunate that no one has been killed. But it is no more guaranteed for the future.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Quantum, AI, and singularity

Recently in Japan, the stock price of companies dealing with quantum computing is rising. Quantum computing is one of the focused technologies in recent years and is promised to change the world dramatically.

Quantum computing will be faster than any current machines by millions of times. But its uniqueness is not limited to the speed itself. Many scientists claim the realization of quantum computing will change our life completely.

Independent: Quantum computing breakthrough could help 'change life completely', say scientists

In the article above, what will be changed by quantum computing is not described concretely. It is highly certain that quantum computing will bring us an unbreakable code system. It makes the internet connection completely secure. Cyber criminals will perished due to the rise of quantum computing. Instead, they will become a pickpocket on the real street.

Quantum computing well collaborates with an AI. Current AI program is very progressive, but its quality is limited for the processing speed. If quantum computing is available, deep learning will proceed with incredible speed. In every game in which all information is clarified to the players, computer players will never be defeated by the human.

It is said that the point of singularity is approaching within 30 years. Quantum computing will make its realization faster.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

JP Morgan disgrace Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin fell by nearly 20% in a day.

A comment from JP Morgan's CEO seems to be the chance of the rapid falling. It was in the conference 
Jamie Dimon, an CEO of JP Morgan said in the Barclays' financial conference in New York on Sep 12. According to him, Bitcoin is a kind of fraud and useful only to drug dealers.

He claimed that Bitcoin is against their rules and therefore stupid. I believe he has no idea of what Bitcoin and blockchain means. His outdated ideology is rather a disgrace for conventional bank organizations.

However, it should be accepted that his absurd comment is still influential to the economy of cryptocurrency. Values of alter-coins were also damaged. There is no doubt that Bitcoin economy is very vulnerable so that only gamblers are fond of dealing with Bitcoin.

On the other hand, it is possible that major investors for Bitcoin will sue Dimon for damaging the price of Bitcoin. But it will not be successful because the reason of price change is not a comment of a particular person but the behaviors of stockholders.

I am not sure about the true price of Bitcoin. More or less, however, cryptocurrency will become the major source of value in the near future.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

iPhone X is released

Yesterday, Apple held an annual conference to introduce newest products.

In this setting, iPhone 8, iPhone 8pus, and iPhone X were mentioned. They are planned to be released in this Autumn consequently.

International Business Times: Apple iPhone X revealed: Say hello to the £1,000 smartphone that can read your face

iPhone 8 is the newest version of iPhone. It had been suggested that Apple would publish iPhone 7s. But this version was skipped.

At the same time, iPhone X, a luxury version of iPhone was developed. In iPhone X, the home button was omitted. Its display is created with an organic EL panel. Also, Apple has introduced several other features in iPhone X. It will cost more than 1000 USD.

Unfortunately, I was not attracted to the figure and the concept of iPhone X. Some Android Phones have no home button. Some match iPhone X in the graphic resolution.There seems no absolute superiority in iPhone X.

Nonetheless, providing a luxury model is a good strategy for Apple, I believe. Some Apple users want more high-qualified devices even if for a higher cost. Matching their need should be a priority for Apple, considering the fact most Android phones are cheaper than iPhones.

I will not buy an iPhone for a while. Instead, I have to replace my Android phone to a newer one.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sex robot kills you?

Yesterday, I mentioned the risk of porn sites. Now, the risk of being killed by a sex doll is mentioned in this article below.

International Business Times: Hackers could order sex robots to kill their human lovers

There are many types of sex dolls all over the world, and there are not many, but a considerable amount of people who are fond of them. The Recent development of computer technology will make them far more real and reactive to the users. While I have no experience, they would offer us a very impressive sense.

On the other hand, an AI based sex robot has a risk of being cracked by an alien, according to the author. It is no doubt that sex robots are no exception of vulnerable devices. You should be aware of the risk.

I think, however, there are many things to be addressed. A refrigerator, a cooler, and an IH cooking machine are also devices which can bring a critical outcome if being cracked. The most dangerous device is, of course, a car, and the airplane.

Rather, if a sex robot is compromised, your naked figure would be shot by the camera attached to the eyes. And the crackers would threaten you with the photo. It is much more realistic scenario than being killed by the robot.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Android is not suitable to porn sites

You should not watch porn sites via Android, according to this article.

The Conversation: Why being aware of your mortality can be good for you

The reason is, of course, a risk of cracking. Android phone is vulnerable to being hacked, compared to iOS. And porn sites are generally risky. It is possible that the target of crackers is shifting from Windows to Android following the current trend of consumers' behavior.

Especially, young people are accustomed to Android Phone. On the other hand, they are often not aware of the dangerousness of malware. Furthermore, young people are more concerned about porn sites.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Deutsche Bank will replace many bankers into AI

It is an expected, but fearful report. Deutsche Bank will perform restructure and replace a considerable amount of employees to an AI.

International Business Times: Deutsche Bank will turn to AI and cut jobs because staff already 'behave like robots'

Chief Executive John Cryan said that many employees would face a huge impact due to the rise of AI because they have already resembled robots.

An accountant is one of the examples which will be replaced by AI. Its specialty relies on an accuracy. And AI is advantageous to the human in accuracy. According to a survey conducted this year, approximately 80% of bankers believe AI would drastically impact on the way of banking in the future.

So, how can you keep your job protected from AI? The answer is unclear. Even the most talented employee will be caught by the AI as far as his work can be copied. Rather, not so smart but humorous and friendly employees may keep a position in the workforce.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

White Christians are no more majority in the US

The proportion of White Christians in the US is decreasing. And now only 43% of the US citizens are categorized, approximately halved from four decades ago, according to a new survey.

The Guardian: Clinical trials revolution could change the future of medical research

It is partially due to expanded immigration. The share of Christian remains 70%. But, some Americans are hesitating to belong to a strict cult. The percentage of White evangelicals is now 17%, decreased by 6% in this decade. Their shrinking power to the community might ignite social anxiety, leading to the triumph of Donald Trump, I guess.

The construction of the US is changing. Trump, with typically conservative ideology, is willing to get the US as a republic of WASP. But the concept of WASP itself also became vague. Originally, the US has been a melting pot of many races. Even if Trump administration prohibits immigration, it is difficult to reverse the global trend of mixture of multi-culture. It will be the matter what is the symbol of the integration of the US in the future.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Psychedelic drug and fever

Although the harm is well known, some psychedelic drugs such as LSD are still popular among some people. Users say they bring them a fantastic experience.

Indeed, a recent study suggests LSD cause your brain a heightened state of consciousness. Thus, the brain activity was elevated after taking LSD.

The Guardian: Psychedelic drugs induce 'heightened state of consciousness', brain scans show

So far, some artists were fond of taking psychedelic drugs. It was for promoting imagination. This finding is consistent with their experience.

However, I need not rely on such drugs for enhancing my brain. To begin, I caught a cold and suffered from a serious headache. And I had several psychedelic dreams. Perhaps I had feverish delirium. This experience was quite similar to that of taking LSD, while I have no experience.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dreamers program to be terminated

Donald Trump, the President of the US, decided to terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The Guardian: Trump ends 'Dreamers' program, leaving fate of 800,000 uncertain

This program has permitted children of immigrants who entered the US without the legal procedure to stay in the US. It functions as a moratorium for immigrants Jrs, so called "dreamers."

If this policy is canceled, 800,000 young undocumented migrants will be potentially exiled from the US. Trump requested local governments to set proper regulation to fix this issue. The ex-president Obama made a opposing comment.

Considering his nationalistic ideology, this decision-making is predictable. But, it is uncertain whether Trump's plan will be realized. Humanitarian organizations are willing to sue the government to the court about this decision for violation of the human right. The thoughts of parliaments in each state will differ from each other.

As well as other Trump's America First policy, this decision damages the grobal trust to the US. I am afraid that Trump's policy will ruin the true "American Dream."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Heavy cold

I caught a serious cold yesterday. So, I am suffering from severe headache and general fatigue. Cough and sputum have not been seen yet. Perhaps, my immune system is fighting with virus.

My brain is almost nonfunctional due to deadly dizziness. I have fallen asleep for 20 hours. I hope I will get recovered soon.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Banned sending children by car

Some British primary schools began to fine parents who send their children to the school by car.

International Business Times: Parents to be fined if they drop their children off at school by car

This new regulation was launched on Sep 4th, 2017 in Heavers Farm, on Dinsdale Gardens, and St Chads, on Alverston Gardens. Parents have been prohibited to take on/off their children in front of the school at the limited time. Breachers are going to be fined by 130 GBP.

This strange rule has some ends, according to the media. The schools to be subjected are located on a dead end. Thus, the first reason seems for safety, and avoiding traffic jam is also important.

However, it is described that encouraging pupils to walk to the school is another purpose. I am not sure this comment is rational. Some children have to go to school from distant place. In addition, British people are very sensitive to the security of their children, in my sense. Some parents worry about their kids kidnapped. Their attitude looks a little overprotective from Japanese. I am doubtful how many parents will adhere to this new regulation.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Good personality predicts future success?

There are massive hypotheses to determine the condition of success. Are people who are smart, born in a rich family, belong to a sophisticated group going to enjoy a successful life? Or, can some people be successful despite terrible situation around them?

Among many factors, there are two decisive conditions which are deemed as the key to success: money and intelligence. People in a rich cluster are likely to earn more money than poor people. And, intelligent persons who graduate a university get more salary than people who graduate only a high school. There is almost no doubt of the importance of these two factors.

Even if intelligence is an important factor for success, however, there are other possibilities around this. For example, some researchers claim that personality can predict the future success more precisely than intelligence. According to Nobel prize winner Heckman, the grades and achievement test results in childhood were good predictors of future life, not limited to income, but also criminal records, obesity, and self-reported life satisfaction.

Independent: Personality has greater impact on success than IQ, new research suggests

This report is very encouraging for many people who think themselves as not so smart or rich. Indeed, some highly intelligent people have a difficulty in dealing with other people in society. They are often arrogant, uncollaborative, or failing to show compassion to others. In other words, modesty, friendship, and conscience are essential for maintaining a good relationship with others. A man with these virtues should be called an uplight man.

However, personality trait is far difficult to be examined than intelligence, while intelligence itself is not to be measured in a simple way. It is also possible that a man who was liked by everyone in a community is hated in another community. Some troublesome characters can be valued in a specific situation. Furthermore, it is quite doubtful a person's personality trait can be visualized with simplified tests. Though Heckman said that school grade includes the evaluation of each pupil's personality, I do not believe school teachers could rank the students' personality properly, because the perception of each personality is altered through mutual relationship.