Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oblivion: a real Sci-Fi movie

Today I watched Oblivion, a Sci-Fi movie. “Oblivion” is the same name as my favorite computer game as I wrote. So I was interested in the movie.

I love Sci-Fi, but seldom read one as a paperback. There are lots of Sci-Fi movies I like, such as the Star Wars series. I am fond to enjoy the special effects on a large screen in the cinema.

On the other hand, I have critical eyes on Sci-Fi movies. Many movies describing the future seem not to be realistic. Sci-Fi should not Fantasy. When an innovation technique is introduced, sense of value of people living in the area must be changed. I think most Sci-Fi movies have failed to describe the philosophy. For example, I do not appreciate “In Time” or “Looper”.

Compared to them, Oblivion was not bad.
Its stage is 22nd century of the earth. People have established the technique partially of immigration to other planets. Atomic power plants can transfer sea water into energy. Human cloning is also available. I think it is possible these techniques will be realized until AD 2200 in the real world. Several flying objects to kill the enemies automatically threats the hero of the story. This situation is mirroring the real war using the crewless sky fighters made in the USA.

For the beginning of the story, the hero and his partner were left on the earth almost collapsed by the attack of the enemy. They have to keep watching the atomic power plants and the environment of the earth, protecting from the enemy. First, I was quite doubtful for the setting. The mission given to the heroes was too difficult to complete. They sometimes ask the space base for some supplies essential for the battle. But the space base hardly communicates with the heroes, even if the failure of the heroes would be critical for whole humankind. I imagined the situation that only a few rookie doctors stay night at an emergency hospital.

Is the Headquarter a blockhead?
My doubt was cleared soon after the truth about the situation was revealed. For this matter is the core of the story, I refrain from describing about it in detail. The truth was surprising and amazing enough.

However, I hardly understood the intention of the Wirepuller after completion of the movie. The author could not explain the side of the true enemy adequately. It is a disadvantage of this movie.

Finally, I felt the last scene extremely sickening. I guess the heroine would be annoyed, far from a happy ending. I believe that everyone watched the movie would agree with me.

Personal Rating: 5 (excellent)

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